TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG, editorial: “Striker for Europe”, Florian Weißmann

2023-12-06 21:00:34 Issue from Thursday, December 7th, 2023 Innsbruck (OTS) – A common Europe is a strategic necessity, especially as a response to the many crises. But the political climate favors right-wing populists who want to reverse it. Six months before the EU elections, alarm bells are ringing among convinced Europeans. Right-wing populists are on … Read more

Severe Disruptions in Bavaria Due to Heavy Snowfall: Airport and Rail Traffic Chaos

2023-12-02 12:53:43 After the heavy snowfall in Bavaria, air and rail traffic will remain severely disrupted until Sunday. ADVERTISEMENT Heavy snowfall has caused chaos in Bavaria, southern Germany, particularly in its capital Munich where air and rail traffic is disrupted on Saturday. Munich airport has extended its closure until Sunday morning 6 a.m. (local time) … Read more

FPÖ – Amesbauer: “The DSN director should rather take care of the countless problems in his own house!” | Freedom Parliamentary Club

2023-12-02 12:15:05 “The existing surveillance powers are fundamentally sufficient if they are used correctly and fully” Vienna (OTS) – “The DSN director, who is apparently speaking on behalf of ÖVP Interior Minister Karner, should rather take care of the countless problems in his own house instead of grandstandingly making demands on politicians and peddling surveillance … Read more

The Rise of Vegetarianism: Top 6 Countries with the Most Vegetarians and Health Benefits

2023-12-01 09:30:40 AWhat to eat is a personal choice of everyone. There are generally two types of diets. Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian. But new studies show that many people around the world are now switching to a vegetarian diet. One of the reasons for this is that studies have shown that vegetarian food is more beneficial … Read more

Best Countries to Visit in December: Snow, Christmas, and Holiday Cheer

2023-12-01 02:36:56 December is the time when most travelers choose to take a break from work and go on holiday. The end of the year, Christmas and the beginning of the New Year all make for a wonderful holiday season. The winter season of December has another level of beauty of its own. December is … Read more