Embracing Discomfort: A Bilobero’s Journey Through Autumn and Health

2023-11-21 20:15:12 LVB 406 A bilobero learns to value what is uncomfortable. This short episode is made walking through the La Herrería forest in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The day began bright and calm and gradually the wind and clouds began to arrive. The dogs ran happily and the water of streams and ponds … Read more

Cinnamon: The Health Benefits and Uses of this Powerful Spice

2023-11-21 01:26:09 Fights inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and prevents protein accumulation in the brain. Entered 2023.11.21 10:25 Views 19 Entered 2023.11.21 10:25 Modified 2023.11.21 08:08 Views 19 Cinnamon, mainly used as a spice, has various health benefits such as reducing fat and reducing inflammation. [사진=클립아트코리아] Cinnamon not only smells good. It aids digestion and also … Read more

Our menu to boost your immunity against autumn viruses

2023-11-12 08:37:37 It’s the month that has a lot of negative points: falling temperatures, the sun setting with the chickens, the return of colds, nasopharyngitis and other seasonal viruses. November does not spare us! No choice, we must use major means, and strengthening our immunity is crucial to protect ourselves. But there’s no need to … Read more

The Health Benefits of Cabbage and Soybean Paste Soup: Intestinal Health, Weight Management, and Cancer Inhibition

2023-11-10 07:11:12 Chinese cabbage, low in calories and rich in dietary fiber… Contributes to intestinal health and bowel movements Entered 2023.11.10 16:10 Views 82 Entered 2023.11.10 16:10 Modified 2023.11.10 16:33 Views 82 Cabbage is very low in calories and high in dietary fiber, so it helps clean the intestines. [사진=게티이미지] Many people eat Western-style foods … Read more

Unstable Weather Forecast: Heavy Rain and Showers for the Weekend in Belgium

2023-11-04 06:39:19 At the start of Saturday morning, the sky will be very cloudy but the weather should remain dry. Over the hours, however, an area of ​​active rain will reach the French border and move from the southwest to the northeast. In the afternoon, it will be more variable with clearings but also sometimes … Read more