Double Happiness in Love: Manuel Neuer Engaged and Expecting a Baby with Anika Bissel

2023-09-27 11:01:31 Double happiness in love for Manuel Neuer (37)! According to BILD information, the Bayern star is engaged to his girlfriend Anika Bissel (23). The national soccer goalkeeper and the handball player (plays in the second division at ESV Regensburg) want to get married. But that’s not all – there’s also a baby on … Read more

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2023-09-21 14:15:09 ** ****** ** ***** ** ***** ***** ********* ** ******** ** * ***** ****** ****** ** **** *********** ** ***** *** ******* ** ********* **** *** ******** ********* ********** *** ******* ** ******** ** ** *** ** *********** ****** ******** ************* ** ** *********** ** ** ***** ******* **** ** ** ********** ** … Read more

Tragic Death of Eleven-Month-Old Baby Locked in Hot Car: US Media Reports

2023-09-16 19:34:30 Myrical Wicker, who was only eleven months old, had to die because an adult fell asleep. The baby and a dog were locked in a scorching hot car for around six hours with an outside temperature of around 30 degrees. US media reports on this. Accordingly, Kristen Graham (40) was supposed to look … Read more

Virginia Ernst’s Powerful Response to Hate Comments on Motherhood and LGBTQ+ Representation

2023-09-15 13:28:11 Virginia Ernst and her partner recently became parents for the second time. However, the two do not only receive congratulations on their offspring. Virginia Ernst (32) and her wife Dorothea can look forward to baby number two. Her little boy was born on August 20th. The offspring was announced with a posting on … Read more

Understanding the Connection Between Wrinkles and Osteoporosis: 3 Things to Observe for Bone Health

2023-09-09 08:06:30 2023/09/09 Are loose wrinkles related to hard bones? Foreign studies have found that people with more wrinkles have worse bones, which may be related to osteoporosis. It is recommended to go to the hospital for further examination. The younger the person, the higher the bone density. In a 2011 study investigating female hormones … Read more

Case of Domestic Violence: Verviers Court Delivers Judgment on Couple Who Abused Their Infant

2023-09-08 13:30:41 The Verviers criminal court handed down a judgment on Friday in a case of domestic violence. A couple in their twenties were suspected of having beaten their infant, a few days old. The facts occurred at the end of March 2020. While the young parents did not live together, the father joined his … Read more