Benedict XVI | The shadow of resignation: How does the death of Benedict XVI affect the figure of Francis? | WORLD

MIRA: “Benedict XVI will be remembered for his fruitful teaching and the important gesture of his resignation” Although when he resigned his papacy in February 2013 he promised to remain in the Vatican “hidden from the world”, Benedict XVI wrote, gave interviews and received visitors, which gave encouragement to a conservative sector of the Church … Read more

Farewell to Pope Benedict; About half a million people in the burial service World | Deshabhimani

Vatican City Faith community bid farewell to Pope Benedict XVI. Half a million people witnessed the burial service led by Pope Francis at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Benedict XVI was also buried in the tomb where Pope John Paul was first buried. After his canonization, Pope John’s remains were moved to the main … Read more

Church – mourning and memories of Benedict XVI.

A “companion and role model”, a theologian, priest and bishop, with whom he was connected for years. This is how Cardinal Christoph Schönborn describes Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who died on December 31, 2022 at the age of 95. The St. Pölten diocesan bishop Alois Schwarz also emphasized in a broadcast that the emeritus pontiff … Read more

“The status of pope emeritus is not defined in canon law”

The cross : What are the rules governing the status of pope emeritus today? Valerio Gigliotti: It constitutes an absolute novelty, introduced by Pope Benedict XVI with its renunciation on February 11, 2013. The rules that frame it are not currently defined by canon law. Benedict XVI, at the time of his renunciation, defined his … Read more

Benedict XVI: They reveal what were the last words of the emeritus Pope before he died | Vatican | catholic church | | WORLD

“Lord, I love you” were the last words spoken by the emeritus pope Benedict XVI before dying on Saturday morning, according to one of the nurses who attended him that night. The nurse in question has reported this to the personal secretary of Joseph RatzingerMonsignor Georg Gänswein, as reported today by the official media of … Read more

how will the ceremony take place

A ceremony of about two hours celebrated in St. Peter’s Square. The Vatican released Tuesday, January 3, the details of the funeral celebration of Benedict XVIwhich will be chaired on Thursday 5 January by the pope francis. After three days of paying homage to the pope emeritus, including the body has been on display since … Read more