Winner of the Ü70 Writing Competition: Christine Olmos, Rhythm and Clarity in Her Texts

2023-09-04 10:03:35 Winner of the Ü70 writing competition | September 4, 2023 She has already written three books and is one of the winners of the most recent edition of the “Ü70” writing competition. Christine Olmos convinces in her texts with rhythm and clarity. The Jungfrau Zeitung visited her at home. Christine Olmos at her … Read more

Inferno Triathlon 2023: 25th Anniversary Edition on the Schilthorn | Live Coverage by Jungfrau Zeitung

2023-08-19 11:37:30 Inferno Triathlon 2023 | 19. August 2023 This year’s edition of the Inferno Triathlon is all about the anniversary edition. For the 25th time, triathletes from near and far battle their way up the Schilthorn. The half marathon even celebrates its 30th anniversary. The Jungfrau Zeitung is present at the “Hell Ride” in … Read more

Train Malfunction Causes Chaos at Bern Station: Full Report and Eyewitness Accounts

2023-07-09 17:59:00 It’s the second time this week. On Saturday, a train stopped at Bern train station because it was overcrowded. The failure of the train was allegedly announced in an announcement. When some people get off the train, it still drives off – in the direction of Zurich. According to an eyewitness, travelers who … Read more