“It all started as a toothache,” says the family of Lhyzeth, a patient who fights against black fungus in Oaxaca

Oaxaca de Juárez.– The family of Lhyzeth Jiménez Leyva, who after becoming infected with Covid-19 he was also infected with the so-called “black mushroom”, Has only had contact with her through a video call from the intensive care area of ​​the Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de Oaxaca (HREO) and although her health status is … Read more

Deadly danger: fungal infection in Covid-19

Fungal infections, also called mycoses, are common, also in Germany. “The most common are skin and mucous membrane mycoses, which are usually harmless,” explains Prof. Dr. Jörg Steinmann, Medical Director of the Clinic Hygiene at the Nuremberg Clinic. A systemic fungal infection that affects the whole body, on the other hand, is much rarer and … Read more

The Iraqi health resolves its position on the AstraZeneca vaccine

the world – Iraq Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has reduced the risks of black or green fungi due to the inability to transmit it from one person to another, at a time when the Samarra Pharmaceutical Company has expressed its willingness to manufacture an adjuvant treatment to cure infection with the Corona virus.. After … Read more

Health: Black fungus infects severely weakened immune… and rare among children

The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed that the black fungus infects severely weak immune systems and is rare among children, noting that its infections are very few among adults. The Ministry of Health and Population revealed the country’s epidemiological situation for injuries black fungus Confirmed that the black fungus appeared in a limited number … Read more

Global health expert: Pregnant women can take the vaccine safely, and the second dose is important

Richard Brennan, Director of Regional Emergency at the World Health Organization, stressed during a conference on the developments of the Corona virus in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, during a press conference today via video, that when the vaccine was developed, it was targeting the most affected groups, namely the elderly, those working in the health … Read more

There is no need to worry.. Global health resolves the controversy over the black fungus

The World Health Organization said that the disease black fungus It should not be a major concern for people, as the numbers of infections are very limited, and therefore not a health challenge. black fungus This comes amid widespread fears in some countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region about the spread of infections with the … Read more