The specter of influenza… and a firm decision for education: no return to lockdowns and masks

It is the flu season, and this is normal at this time of the year, but the reality is different this year in the wake of the Corona epidemic that swept the entire world, leaving serious complications, perhaps the most important of which is loss or laziness in immunity, especially in children, and thus turning … Read more

About the power supply…Here’s the good news

About the power supply…Here’s the good news Source : Lebanon 24 date of publication : 26 Oct 2022 About the power supply…Here’s the good news Source : Lebanon 24 date of publication : Wednesday October 26, 2022 Information reported to “Lebanon 24” about the arrival of a ship loaded with fuel to the Al-Zahrani plant … Read more

Her condition requires her to be transferred outside Egypt for treatment… What are the latest health developments for actress Sherine Abdel Wahab?!

After the Egyptian artist Sherine Abdel Wahab began to restore her luster and artistic activity after a long period of deteriorating her psychological condition, she entered during the past hours a major health crisis. The beginning was when it was announced that she had fallen on her knees inside her house, and Sherine was immediately … Read more

Meetings in Sidon to coordinate precautionary steps and Palestinian fears of cholera spreading in the camps

The outbreak of the cholera epidemic and viral hepatitis in Lebanon, especially in the north, has left a shadow of concern over the citizens. They have been busy tracking the number of infections officially registered by the Ministry of Health and those suspicious of those infections that are steadily rising, and learning about the measures … Read more

The country and banks will take the path of recovery soon, and the electricity will be in a state of renewal

The Catholicos of the Cilicia House of Armenian Catholics, Patriarch Raphael Pedros XXI Minassian, met with Dorothy Shea, the US ambassador to Lebanon, at the patriarchate’s headquarters in Geitawi, and congratulated her on “all that she has done for the sake of Lebanon, especially with the American mediator, Amos Hochstein, and the success of the … Read more