Like De Niro, the famous American star Al Pacino will have a child at the age of 83

2023-05-31 15:22:48 Al Pacino, the famous American actor, confirmed that he is waiting for the birth of his fourth child from his girlfriend, Nour Al-Falah, the Kuwaiti-American producer, who is 29 years old, according to the news revealed by “TMZ”. Al Pacino is 83 years old, and their romantic relationship began during the Corona pandemic … Read more

Exclusive/Shocked by Wu Zongxian! Born collapsed and suffered from “traumatic syndrome”: it is embarrassing | Entertainment | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

2023-04-21 22:00:58 Reporter Cai Weixin / Interview report ▲ Zeng Boen accepted an exclusive interview. (Photo/Photo by Yang Shu) Please read on…. Stand-up comedian Zeng Boen founded Satel Entertainment in 2018 to satirize the political talk show “Boen Night Show”, which became popular. In 2021, he launched “Burn on Flame”, which invited Peng Chacha, Xu … Read more

Because of 50 dollars.. The death of a newborn at the door of a hospital causes an uproar in Egypt • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The incident of an Egyptian governmental hospital in Cairo governorate refusing to receive a pregnant woman who wanted to give birth without paying the required amount sparked widespread controversy after the death of her fetus. The details of the incident come back after Masri filed an official police report against the management of … Read more

The first reaction from the youth administration towards Al-Mawlid after he was suspended for doping

Al-Marsad Sports: Press sources revealed today, Sunday, a surprise about the decisions of the youth club management headed by Khaled Al-Baltan, with the player Fahd Al-Mawlid, after the decision of the Anti-Doping Committee. The sources indicated, according to “Okaz”, that Al-Muwallad will undergo a rehabilitation program in a European country during the coming period, provided … Read more

A victim of a birth swap in Najran with a Turkish baby 14 years ago… He tells the moments he lived during the earthquake in Turkey

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Yaqoub Al-Munajim Al-Yami – a victim of birth switching in Najran (a Saudi with a Turkish baby) – from Antakya, narrated the details of the moments he lived during the earthquake and their suffering during the past days. onset of tremor He said: “We woke up suddenly and felt the house shaking, and … Read more