Transient ischemic attack (TIA): symptoms, treatment, causes

The transitory ischemic attack is a kind of mini-stroke and is considered an early warning sign of a “real” stroke. Find out which symptoms occur with a TIA, how long they last and when to see a doctor. Often times, the signs are weaker with a TIA than with one stroke. This often means that … Read more

How neuroscience helps influence consumers

PSYCHOLOGY – Knowing how the human brain works helps sell. But not just anything, and not just any time. “No one has the power to make you buy something you don’t want or need”, immediately demystifies Dorothée Rieu. Doctor in neuroscience and memory specialist, she created the company MEdiaMENTO, which carries out online quantitative studies … Read more

Corona: Infection apparently protects better against Delta variant than vaccination

Another interesting finding of the study: Apparently the combination of infection and vaccination with a dose of Biontech / Pfizer protects better against further infection than just the infection. This could also give new food to the discussion about the need for a second vaccination for those who have recovered – one dose might be … Read more

Health Net” Wu Lung complications epilepsy damage the brain!Medical: High Death Group of People with Abnormal Brain Waves-Xinzhi Fax-Free Health Net

Many severely ill patients not only have a poor coma index, but also often have seizures or abnormal brain waves. Scientific evidence has found that even asymptomatic epilepsy can damage the brain, but those with abnormal brain waves are the high-death group. (Schematic diagram, Reuters file photo) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Many severe patients with Wuhan pneumonia … Read more

Movements and sensory stimuli: the brain looks ahead

Headgear: hoods with electrodes for measuring brain waves Image: dpa People can adjust the direction of movement very quickly, regardless of their level of alertness. A Marburg research group found that out. Dhe human brain perceives changes in its own movements even before they penetrate consciousness. This enables people to adjust the direction of movement … Read more

Sleep disorders and dementia

news by Helmut Poppe (31.08.2021) Sleep brainwashing – how the brain cleans itself to protect itself from disease. A recently discovered disposal system, the so-called glymphatic * system, flushes harmful waste materials out of our minds – especially when we sleep. This brain’s own garbage disposal, driven by the pulse rate, pumps fluid through our … Read more