the bronchiolitis ends but the flu is still circulating

Most metropolitan regions remain affected by the flu epidemic. The bronchiolitis epidemic, which mainly affects babies, is now over in mainland France, the Public Health Agency announced on Wednesday, noting also a decline in seasonal flu. «There are no longer any regions on epidemic or post-epidemic alert level in mainland France.“said Public Health France in … Read more

“all age groups” affected by the epidemic rebound

The flu epidemic has resumed in recent days, but health authorities are seeing a slowdown in contamination. The flu epidemic seems to have continued to rebound in recent days, although contaminations are decreasing, the public health agency summarized on Wednesday. Last week, Public Health France indeed recorded a “continued increase in all influenza indicators in … Read more

Influenza and bronchiolitis epidemics continue to decline in France

This winter was marked by a triple epidemic of influenza, bronchiolitis and Covid-19 in a rather unprecedented way. If the indicators are down today, an upward recovery is not impossible. The epidemic of flu continued to decline these last days in France, although it still strikes the whole of the metropolis. Regarding bronchiolitis, it has … Read more

The flu still present in France despite its decline

While influenza viruses disappeared from some regions last week, they are still actively circulating in others. The flu epidemic continues to decline in France but this decline is slowing down and most of the metropolis remains affected, the public health agency summarized on Wednesday. The past week has seen a “continued decline in influenza indicators … Read more

Substantial decrease in cases of bronchiolitis and influenza

AA / Paris / Ümit Dönmez The flu epidemic continued to slow down last week throughout France, while that of bronchiolitis, which mainly concerns infants, continued, but with hospitalizations which are in sharp decline, for the fifth week. in a row. – Bronchiolitis: 41% drop in emergency room visits In a press release, Santé Publique … Read more

Here’s how to avoid the triple epidemic of Covid, flu and bronchiolitis

In this winter, many respiratory viruses are circulating in our country. There is even talk of a triple epidemic of Covid, flu and bronchiolitis. How to recognize them and avoid getting sick? Here are our tips. In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, influenza and bronchiolitis epidemics have affected our country for several weeks. But how … Read more