“Campaign against campus bullying: A call to action for a safer school environment”

2023-05-31 02:18:21 (Schematic diagram / flip from photoAC) The problem of campus bullying is very difficult. Recently, some netizens posted an article to share that the daughter of my good sister is often bullied at school because of body odor and being a single-parent family. She dared not go to school, which made her good … Read more

“Tragic Suicide of 12-Year-Old Argentine Twins in Spain: City of Oviedo Mourns”

2023-05-21 09:35:00 Fatima Shawky Sunday, May 21, 2023 12:35 PM The Spanish city of Oviedo declared an official mourning for two days after the death of 12-year-old Argentine twins in Spain after they fell from the sixth floor, and it was described as suicide, the second of its kind after another twin committed suicide last … Read more

“Gabriel Cañas plays the wealthy and vengeful Hernán “Chico” Olmedo in Mega’s new night soap opera- “Generation 98″ – Preview and Details”

2023-05-13 03:11:40 Gabriel Cañas is one of the actors in the cast of “Generation 98″, Mega’s new night, in which he will play Hernán “Chico” Olmedo. A new preview of the soap opera gives us clues about this curious character, as can be seen in the video of Instagram. “Chico” Olmedo suffered bullying in his … Read more

“The most beautiful fishmonger” Liu Xinyu was labeled as a “bully” and lamented that her image was gone and she lost her acting job | Entertainment | CTWANT

“The most beautiful fishmonger” Liu Xinyu participated in “All-Star Games 4″ last year to gain popularity, and announced that she would return to her home in Changhua to help run the fish stall. There is a problem”, helplessly expressing that in the past 3 years since entering the industry, she has been often bullied online, … Read more

You are an Arab and you love bullying..Watch the latter’s reaction! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Abdullah Khoqir, the former player and president of Al-Wehda Club, revealed the reason for slapping the club’s goalkeeper in the face after Al-Wehda lost 3-0 to Al-Ittihad in a match that took place 27 years ago. In the dialogues, what will happen? The journalist, Majed Al-Tuwaijri, asked “Khoqir” a question, saying: “You are … Read more

Minor who attacked Norma Lizbeth and her mother are detained at the United States border

Tonight, the minor who caused the death of Norma Lizbeth, a victim of bullying in Teotihuacán, State of Mexico (Edomex) was detained with her mother at the US-Mexico border. According to journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva is waiting for the Edome Prosecutor’s Officex completes an arrest warrant against you. SEE MORE “Since elementary school, I suffered … Read more