Law professors consider government flight without a mask to be illegal

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Ukraine-News ++ Russia demands the release of the zoo murderer for prisoner exchange ++

RIn negotiations on the release of two Americans imprisoned in Moscow, usa is said to have demanded the transfer of the convicted Russian in the … Read more

Heavy weapons: How Olaf Scholz stalls Ukraine

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Ukraine-News ++ Russia threatens failure of the grain agreement ++

Dhe Russian Foreign Ministry has warned that the grain agreement could fail. Grain exports from Russia and Ukraine must begin simultaneously, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister … Read more

Ukraine News +++ Lukashenko: “Practically an army with Russia” +++

Dhe Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko reaffirmed his close ties with Russia. Belarus is so closely linked to the Russian Federation “that we practically have a … Read more

Lindner wants the debt brake – and reaches for the 48 billion joker

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