The Rising Maternal Mortality Crisis in Lebanon: Understanding the Impact of Economic Challenges on Women’s Health

2023-08-25 13:47:00 The increasing number of women dying due to pregnancy-related complications is one of the most significant challenges in the field of women’s health, noting that the number has tripled since 2020/21. In addition, 20 percent of chronically ill women did not have access to vital medicines. This reality prompts those concerned in Lebanon … Read more

Consolidation of Hospitals: Working in Harmony for Better Healthcare

2023-08-22 16:00:00 Today, the world of health care is changing. An evolution that is not necessarily positive when you see that there is a lack of personnel everywhere. But an evolution against which we can not do much. Among all these changes: there is the consolidation of hospitals. The Malmedy Hospital Center and the Verviers … Read more

WKÖ-Head: Nursing apprenticeship is an important step in securing nursing care

2023-08-22 16:18:16 Austria’s economy welcomes the new apprenticeships “nursing assistant” and “nursing assistant” – additional practical training track in Austria from autumn Vienna (OTS) – On Tuesday, the training ordinances for the two new apprenticeships “nursing assistant” and “nursing assistant” were issued, which will come into force on September 1st. The first training companies can … Read more

Comeback tour in Upper Austria – SPÖ-Babler: “People are entitled to a functioning public care system!”

2023-08-22 18:11:48 Babler wants to improve the working conditions of nurses and ensure free care: “We have to act now!” – Lindner: “Needs a big hit with health care” Vienna (OTS/SK) – As part of the comeback tour “Back to Justice”, SPÖ federal party chairman Andreas Babler is in Upper Austria today, Tuesday. At a … Read more

The Economic Association welcomes the start of the nursing apprenticeship in September

2023-08-22 15:31:04 Jeitler-Cincelli: With the new apprenticeship training, the health and care sector will be relieved in the long term Vienna (OTS) – After the nursing apprenticeship was decided by the National Council in May, the apprenticeship training courses for “nursing assistants” and “nursing assistants” will start in the 2023/24 school year. In a 3-year … Read more

the right reflexes to adopt for yourself and your loved ones

2023-08-18 07:58:47 HEALTH TIPS – Hydration, diet, taking medication… what are the behaviors and tips for better withstanding intense heat waves? Le Figaro make the point. In recent days, strong heat has hit the country. Such heat waves put the body to the test, with significant impacts on health. Seniors, people who work outdoors or … Read more