Who is Ander Puig, the actor who plays Nico in Elite: biography, career and photos | FAME

On November 18, 2022, the sixth season of “Elite”with Samuel’s death as the trigger for both the characters who have returned to Las Encinas as for the new members of the cast, among them, Ander Puig, the actor who gives life to Nico. In “Elite”, Puig plays a trans boy, as he did in a … Read more

Chyno Miranda | This was the apartment in Miami that Daddy Yankee paid for Chyno Miranda | FAME

The situation of Chyno Miranda It has gone viral on different communication channels and has generated concern in his followers and family. The Venezuelan singer is hospitalized in the private clinic “El Cedral”, after being removed from the “Tía Panchita” Rehabilitation Center, in Venezuela, where he was in “precarious conditions”as reported by the interpreter’s girlfriend, … Read more

Wedding night: who are the actors who drowned during the recording of the new film by Ludwika Paleta and Osvaldo Benavides | FAME

Two actors who worked on the Mexican film “Wedding Night”, starring Osvaldo Benavidez y Ludwik’s Palette, drowned on Majahual beach, in Oaxaca. Due to the strong waves, the interpreters were swept away and were unable to get out of the sea under their own power. As reported by the Mexican authorities, as well as local … Read more

Carlos Vidal, ex-partner of Gisela Valcárcel, attacks Magaly Medina: I can sue her and have her visa taken away | entertainment | celebrity | SHOWS

Gisela Valcárcel’s ex-partner, Carlos Vidal speaks from the United States and revealed that he would be thinking of suing Magaly Medina for calling him ‘wallet carrier’ and ‘him’ LOOK: Anahí de Cárdenas on scandals in entertainment: “I don’t know why some stand out more than others” “I live in the United States and I can … Read more

Ivana Yturbe and Beto Da Silva’s restaurant closed: “It didn’t work even as an influencer” (VIDEO) | entertainment-celebs-peru-rodrigo gato cuba-godfather-instarándula-samuel suárez-local-business | SHOWS

The married couple’s restaurant Ivan Yturba y Beto Da Silva would have closed less than a year after its inauguration. This was reported by an Internet user who reported, on the Instarándula portal, having found the premises empty. WATCH THIS: Valeria Florez outraged at Ivana Yturbe for finishing off her dress: “It’s looking bad because … Read more

Valery Burga breaks his silence and says he regrets his marriage to Evelyn Vela (VIDEO) | entertainment-celebs-peru-love and fire-husband-barber-divorce-melissa klug-cheating-queen of the south | SHOWS

The barber Valery Burga He broke his silence and decided to tell why his marriage ended with Evelyn Vela. The businessman had avoided testifying about his former relationship since the announcement of their separation in August. WATCH THIS: Evelyn Vela forgets Valery Burga and is caught kissing a young heartthrob (VIDEO) In communication with the … Read more