Google Play chooses the best apps of the year

2023-11-29 20:29:26 Google Play’s best Android apps of the year 2023 have been revealed. Annually, Google chooses the most prominent apps in several categories, including popular vote, which are decided through voting by users of the Play Store, the Android application store. Check out a little about each of this year’s winning apps and see … Read more

How to play Genshin Impact on Android with a controller?

2023-11-17 14:33:16 Learn how to use Bluetooth wireless controllers to play Genshin Impact on Android phones and tablets and improve your gaming experience. The majority of Genshin Impact’s revenue comes from mobile devices. HoYoverse’s popular open-world RPG is available for Android, iOS (iPhone) and iPadOS. However, we know how bad it is to play using … Read more

The 3 cheapest foldable cell phones in 2023

2023-11-17 18:01:00 Who would have thought that we would reach a time when touch-sensitive cell phones could fold in half. But if you thought foldable smartphones were exclusive to the deepest pockets, think again. In 2023, we have some cheaper options that are showing off their design and functionality. If you are thinking about innovating, … Read more

USB headphone adapters (DAC/amp) under $50 on AliExpress

2023-11-17 19:21:00 AliExpress’s 11/11 promotion, “Chinese Black Friday”, is ending. As there are a large number of discounts and coupons on this date, it is the best time to purchase good equipment to ensure that the headphones play well on your cell phone or tablet that does not have a 3.5mm output (P2). That’s why … Read more

Which cell phones will receive the update?

2023-11-14 18:50:00 O Android 15 will arrive soon. The update is still far from being official, but we already have some confirmed details, such as the codename “vanilla ice cream”, that is, vanilla ice cream. Although it is still too early to speculate on any news on the platform, see below the preliminary list of … Read more

3 5G cell phones to buy now at the LOWEST PRICE in Brazil

2023-11-13 20:38:18 O 5G has boosted the smartphone market in recent times, allowing users to access the most powerful and fastest telecommunications network in Brazil. To our delight, this technology is more accessible and in this article we will prove it to you with three models with the lowest price in Brazil. This means that … Read more