Research results warn of Omicron vaccine Less resistance to COVID mutation BQ.1.1 and XBB.1

However, people who have been infectedCOVID-19 before and receivedIntensive VaccinePreventing COVID-19 Omicron strains, 1 dose will have better immunity to BQ.1.1. The natural immunity from infection with BQ.1.1. is 4 times higher than that of the Omikron group compared to people who have never been infected before.covid mutantafter The mutated virus BQ.1.1 become a virus … Read more

CDC links Florida cupcakes to listeriosis outbreak

Miami. Representatives for an Illinois woman who died a few months ago from a listeriosis infection filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against a Florida ice cream company that health officials have linked to the multistate outbreak. from the country. The lawsuit filed with the Middle District of Florida alleges that Mary Billman died after consuming … Read more

CDC warns of salmonella outbreak in peanut butter

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned citizens today, Saturday, to check their jars of Jif brand peanut butter in their cupboards since some batches were withdrawn because they were associated with an outbreak of salmonella. “Many types and sizes have been withdrawn, including creamy, crunchy, natural and reduced fat,” the health agency … Read more

Over 32,000 new cases and 40 deaths from COVID-19 have been reported in the last seven days in Puerto Rico

Los Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this week identified Puerto Rico as one of the few jurisdictions in the United States with high community transmission of COVID-19. Using a metric on the level of infection on the island, the CDC reports that 32,108 new cases have been reported in the last seven days, … Read more

First person infected with H3N8 avian influenza found in China

Foreign media groups – news of the bird flu epidemic in the past. Found infected with many strains such as H5N1 , H9N2 , H7N7 , H7N9 . Recently, another strain of human infection has been identified for the first time, H3N8, which was found in China. The National Health Commission confirmed on Tuesday, April … Read more

The Omicron BA.2 wave begins its assault on the United States

A growing number of public health experts in Europe and the United States predict that the United States will experience a sharp increase in COVID-19 infections in the coming weeks due to the spread of the Omicron BA subvariant. 2, highly infectious and resistant to immunity. These assessments are based on the current wave of … Read more