The Bank for International Settlements expects monetary tightening to accelerate again

Investors should prepare for central banks around the world to return to accelerating monetary tightening if inflation rates show the need, according to a senior Bank for International Settlements official. “It is not a mistake for central banks to slow down the pace of tightening and then adjust it later, it is likely that they … Read more

Interest rates may not remain high for long: Shaktikanta Das

Interest rates may not remain high for a long time as central banks around the world are beginning to pivot toward lower interest rate increases or even a pause as inflation acceleration may have peaked, said Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das. “With some ebbing of Covid-related restrictions and cooling of inflation in … Read more

4 recommendations for investors from “Standard Chartered” to “play smart” in 2023

Dubai: «Gulf» The Office of the Chief Investment Officer for Wealth Management at Standard Chartered issued a report on its expectations for the new year 2023, which deals with investment strategy and key issues related to continuing economic growth against the background of the challenges and difficulties looming in the new year. While the slowdown … Read more

With inflation and stagnation, does an ounce of gold reach $4,000?

Prepared by: Hisham Mukhaneh Gold prices have fluctuated recently at around $1,800, but Jörg Kenner, managing director and chief investment officer at Swiss Asia Capital, sees a good opportunity for major movements in the global gold market, which may soar prices to $4,000 an ounce in 2023, as Rising interest rates and recession fears are … Read more

Central bank rate hikes exacerbate the risk of a global recession

Publicly, BoE officials see that the UK is already in recession. Officials at the European Central Bank assume that the eurozone has entered recession this quarter. The economies of both the UK and the Eurozone have been hit by rising energy costs as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The United States is less … Read more