Important directive from the Saudi Central Bank for financing companies • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Saudi Central Bank issued a directive to finance companies to update their credit granting policies and procedures, in line with the rapid changes in the financing sector and the activities being financed. In the circular, the bank called on these companies to put in place appropriate precautionary measures to limit the rise … Read more

Putin’s army again attacked a power plant in kyiv and Belarus joins the conflict

The United States announced a new $725 million arms aid package for Ukraine, according to a Pentagon memo distributed to the press. In the new military supplies there are no anti-missile systems requested by kyiv Since President Joe Biden became president of the United States, Washington has sent more than $18.2 billion in military supplies … Read more

The Meteorological Department announced that Tropical Storm Senka has updated the latest storm path.

meteorological department Announcement No. 7 Storm Senka (SONCA) at 4.00 a.m. today (15 Oct. 2022) Tropical Storm Senka (SONCA) moved ashore at Quang Ngai. Vietnam The center is about 109 kilometers east of Sekong Province, Laos, or at 15.4 degrees north latitude, 108.6 degrees east longitude, with maximum sustained winds near the center of about … Read more

Russian attack alert in a city close to the largest nuclear power plant in Europe

Spain and Portugal invited Ukraine to join the joint bid that they are preparing to organize the Soccer Cup in 2030, a project that UEFA supports. Pavelko defended the capacity that his country had before the Russian aggression to organize very high-level sports competitions, including the European Championship in 2012, whose venues included Donetsk, one … Read more

Putin forces attacked another humanitarian convoy, killing 24 civilians

Former world heavyweight champion Nikolai Valuev is one of 200,000 reservists called up by Russian leader Vladimir Putin to fight in the Ukraine war, European media reported Friday. Valuev, 49 years old, 2.13 meters tall and 146 kilos in weight, announced to the Russian media Izvestia that he will enlist in the army of his … Read more

“Hymn Noru enters Thailand” The Meteorological Department announces Chor 19, heavy to very heavy rains throughout Thailand in 61 provinces, including Bangkok.

(29 Sep 2022) meteorological department Announcement No. 19 “noru storm“At 4:00 AM today Depression Noru It is centered in Kham Khuean Kaeo District, Yasothon Province, or at latitude 15.6 degrees north, longitude 104.2 degrees east, with a maximum wind speed near the center of about 55 kilometers per hour. This storm is moving slightly northwest. … Read more