Stock Dimension: SIS Plans Expansion to 6,000 Stores Amid Revenue Recovery and Positive Market Outlook

2023-11-28 12:53:50 Stock Dimension – SIS plans to expand its distribution channels to 6,000 stores in response to strong consumer and phone sales. Brokers overlook the shock of 2024, SIS’s revenue recovery, with Dao Securities (Thailand) stating that it expects revenue this year. 67 will return to expand approximately 7% YoY from better consumer and … Read more

Formation of Cumulus Clouds in Jeddah Sky: Social Media Goes Wild

2023-11-15 11:43:26 Al-Marsad newspaper: A video clip circulating on social media documented the formation of quantities of cumulus clouds in the sky of Jeddah. The video clip showed what the sky looked like in Jeddah, around one o’clock in the afternoon, and it was filled with thick, black clouds. Social media pioneers circulated this video, … Read more

5 ways companies can support climate finance

2023-11-14 07:31:23 Corporate support for climate issues is no longer just a matter of initiatives, but has become an absolute necessity, especially with the effects of climate change and the worst weather waves the world has witnessed this year. Many companies are seeking to adopt environmental sustainability measures in light of the difficult repercussions they … Read more

Naver continues growth in the third quarter… Operating profit, up 15.1% compared to the previous year

2023-11-02 23:25:48 Sales: KRW 2.4453 trillion, operating profit: KRW 380.2 billion Commerce, content, and cloud ‘good business’… Whale ecosystem ‘expansion’ In the fourth quarter, Saudi Arabia’s targeted and generative AI business begins in earnest. Naver released its third quarter 2023 performance. The growth trend was maintained compared to the same period last year. Search is … Read more

The true color of the sun

2023-11-01 20:30:00 The sun is “white” but, seen from Earth, it appears a bit yellowish because of an optical effect that occurs when its light passes through the atmosphere. Let’s see… In our eyes, there are cells that are sensitive to light, and they come in three “kinds,” so to speak: there are cells that … Read more

Features that were revealed during the Qualcomm event

2023-10-26 18:29:51 Windows 12 had some of its features revealed during the Snapdragon Summit, a Qualcomm event. During the presentation, the new Snapdragon X Elite was revealed, a chipset developed for PCs that will compete with Apple Silicon. To develop it, Qualcomm says it had help from Microsoft, which made it possible to optimize the … Read more