FDP and SPD agree on rent control and “quick freeze” 2024-04-10 13:57:34

DThe traffic light parties SPD and FDP have reached an agreement on investigative measures on the Internet and tenancy law, thereby reaching a compromise on two of their most important points of contention. “The blockade is over,” said the SPD parliamentary group on Wednesday. FDP MP Thorsten Lieb announced: “The coalition has agreed on the … Read more

Mayor of Rostock becomes minister: the way is clear for black and green in Kiel

Mayor of Rostock becomes minister The way is clear for black and green in Kiel 06/27/2022, 11:05 p.m In Neumünster, the CDU and the Greens seal the coalition in Schleswig-Holstein. The alliance, headed by Prime Minister Günther, will govern with a solid majority. Günther brings Mayor Madsen, who made a name for himself in the … Read more