Mayor of Rostock becomes minister: the way is clear for black and green in Kiel

Mayor of Rostock becomes minister The way is clear for black and green in Kiel 06/27/2022, 11:05 p.m In Neumünster, the CDU and the Greens seal the coalition in Schleswig-Holstein. The alliance, headed by Prime Minister Günther, will govern with a solid majority. Günther brings Mayor Madsen, who made a name for himself in the … Read more

New Year’s address: One gets the impression that Scholz lives in a parallel Germany

Zuek peppel vole ep aevepeu, Pekute koll uelpoluekeu, ple Pupoleeke epenpeketteu. Vep putt peuu lu eluel putekeu Bepe pekuu ​​Zenep plekeu? Vole Pekute touael Geuetel, el velpe pep vlepelkuteu, vep el lu pluelpeu Pnupepleaplepeu aepeal kel; pe el elaeultlek uuek ael ulekl euaeteuaeu kel en lealeleu, heuu el unl vlepelkuteu, vep lO POoet-Guetllluup-Uelllea plekl. Vup … Read more

SPD wants to vote on traffic light contract

DThe SPD wants to vote on the coalition agreement this Saturday at a special party conference. Despite considerable criticism, especially from the Young Socialists (Jusos) in the party, the acceptance of the agreement with the Greens and the FDP is considered certain. The Social Democrats are the only one of the three coalition partners to … Read more

The traffic light wants to accelerate major projects

BIf major projects such as wind farms, power lines and railway lines have been approved, far too much time passes in Germany. The parties were unanimous in the election campaign. But the grand coalition has shown how difficult it is to make substantial changes here: In the past legislative period, it introduced four planning acceleration … Read more

Pension plans of the Ampel-Coalition: The share pension is coming

IIn terms of social policy, the three traffic light parties have big plans for their future coalition. Your first indent in this chapter of the coalition agreement is devoted to a reform of old-age provision. It becomes clear that the Social Democrats were able to prevail to protect their holding lines. The benefits from the … Read more

Helge Braun wants to turn the CDU into a “hands-on party”

Helge Braun is new to the ranks of those applying for the CDU chairmanship. For many, it was a surprise that the head of the Chancellery, who was still executive, ran for office. After Braun had already presented his team at the beginning of the week, he answered questions from the members on Thursday evening … Read more