Diego Guauque will go off the air due to health problems

This Sunday, the renowned reporter announced on his networks that a few days ago a health inconvenience that will force him to be absent from the screens for a long time, since he will undergo an operation. (See also: Érika Zapata recalled ugly comparisons made to her with her sisters: “She would cry”) “I am … Read more

Néstor Morales, ironic with Gustavo Petro, who proposes hydrocarbon tourism

Néstor Morales referred to the issue after Irene Vélez, Minister of Mines and Energy, stated that in the mandate of Gustavo Petro “no more oil and gas exploration contracts will be signed”. (See also: “Economic suicide”: Iván Duque, slashed minminas for oil exploration announcement) This idea was supported by the president himself, who added that … Read more

how is the relationship Alejandra Giral and Andrés Montoya

Even though Andres Montoya It hasn’t been on the news for many months, has revealed the great relationship he has with his colleaguewho, in addition, is also her friend, since they have known each other for a long time, specifically since the University. (Also read: “My last name trembled”: this was the first appearance of … Read more

Journalist from Noticias Caracol, “surprised” with Venezuelan authorities

The reporter shared on her social networks the experience she lived through crossing the binational pass and visiting San Cristóbal, Táchira, where she not only greeted relatives she had in that city, but also made some comparisons. (See also: A journalist from Noticias Caracol was caught with his mouth full in the middle of the … Read more

Award for the couple who kissed in Noticias Caracol, was seen live, direct

Snail News This date is used to putting aside the serious stories that usually occupy its programming and shows the funniest thing that happened in front of the cameras in the last 12 months. (See also: Linda Palma, surprised by the compliment from Érika Zapata on Caracol News, live) This is how mistakes, false starts … Read more

impersonator of the journalist astonished many

The person in charge of emulating the voice and way of expressing herself of the Antioquia communicator is Gabriela Romero, an impersonator of the program ‘La Luciérnaga’ from Snail Radio. And it is that taking into account how viral their appearances in Noticias Caracol have become, The young woman created the character and this Tuesday … Read more