how much would Piqué earn from YouTube for songs; figure is millionaire

The last three songs that the singer from Barranquilla has released have left her with innumerable financial gains, taking into account that on various platforms they accumulate millions of views. (See also: Shakira and her first reactions after premiering her song with Bizarrap) Although in none of the lyrics of ‘I congratulate you’, ‘Monotonía’ and … Read more

Paola Jara confirmed that she is sick and took responsibility for exceeding herself

2023 did not start in the best way for the singer Paola Jara, who had a rather busy December with dozens of performances throughout the country that caused her some health problems. So much so, that he had to cancel his planned concert at the Manizales Fairwhere he had several ‘shows’ at different points. (See … Read more

Shakira’s chef betrayed her for working for Piqué; she invented a forced excuse

Despite the fact that the Colombian singer and the Spanish footballer They formalized their separation several weeks ago, their names are still news in the main entertainment media. (See also: Shakira would have changed her plans before moving; she would have a decision about living in Spain) In fact, in recent days it was known … Read more

Galy Galiano denounced attempted murder and kidnapping of his wife and daughter

Galy Galiano, who a few months ago He recognized that his retirement is very closeis one of the most beloved and respected figures among fans of popular music in Colombia. For this reason, just as on one occasion he recounted that they almost took him prisoner in an airport for a striking reasonnow he uncovered … Read more

Diana Ángel admitted to being afraid of Alejandra Azcárate due to a crash in a restaurant

A situation that perhaps very few knew and that has as protagonists the actress Diana Ángel and the presenter Alejandra Azcarate was revealed in recent days by one of them. It all happened in the final part of the episode of ‘La teleletal’ in which the guest was also a singer, well Martin of Francis … Read more

Shakira’s son took a picture of her with a man and they ask him to send it to Piqué

Although nearly four months have passed, the news of the separation of Shakira and Piqué continues to haunt social networks and the followers do not lose the option to comment on what has been one of the most media breaks in the world. In fact, the Colombian woman is reminded of her divorce every time … Read more