K-Digital Grand Championship: Creating Champions in Digital Innovation

2023-12-11 04:56:12 Park Yun-gyu, Vice Minister of Science and ICT0Park Yoon-gyu, Second Vice Minister of Science and ICT ‘Luton Technologies’, which operates the generative AI (artificial intelligence) platform Lüton, has grown rapidly since winning the grand prize at the ‘1st K-Digital Grand Championship’ last year. there is. After the competition, the average number of monthly … Read more

Alternative Horse Racing Event: Online Ticket Sales Only

2023-12-06 08:56:21 Due to the cancellation of the second day of the 14th Oi Horse Racing, Tokyo City Horse Racing (TCK) will hold an alternative horse race on Saturday, December 9, 2020. We would like to inform you that the product will be sold online only). *Voting for race entries will not be redone, but … Read more

Tokyo Grand Prix 2023: Live Broadcast and Race Summary

2023-12-04 15:00:33 Tokyo City Keiba (TCK) will be hosting the last G1 race of the year, “Tokyo Daishoten” (scheduled to start at 3:40 p.m.), to be held on Friday, December 29th, on Fuji Television, Kansai Television, Tokai Television, and Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting. We would like to inform you that it will be broadcast live on … Read more

The High Cost of Football: A Look at the Financial Game in Mexican Football

2023-12-04 14:00:54 It had to be said… Millions do not buy intelligence or heart It is not enough to have millions to spare, but you have to know how to invest them. In cruel professional football, the champions covered in banknotes dazzle, but it is far from being effective to spend them on anything, there … Read more

Revolutionizing Healthcare with AR and VR: The Future of Digital Medicine

2023-11-27 02:05:22 [김영훈의 참의사 찐병원]VR and AR in healthcare Entered 2023.11.27 11:05 Views 17 Entered 2023.11.27 11:05 Modified 2023.11.27 09:20 Views 17 One of the main keywords of digital healthcare, which has emerged as a hot issue in future medicine, is AR and VR. The photo has nothing to do with the article. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]The three … Read more

Understanding Stress Supplements: How to Manage Stress and Improve Fatigue

2023-11-25 05:00:53 [노윤정 약사의 건강교실] Entered 2023.11.25 14:00 Views 1 Entered 2023.11.25 14:00 Modified 2023.11.24 16:32 Views 1 Stress supplement. online Domestic stress supplements are approved for their functionality to help relieve tension or improve fatigue caused by stress. [사진= 게티이미지뱅크]If you type in the search bar, there are countless nutritional supplements. But, if you … Read more