How many pesos make up a good salary for Argentines today

With year-on-year inflation that is already around 100%, plus a basic basket that exceeds the sum of two basic salaries, the economic reality of Argentina disorients workers, who are already wondering what a good salarygiven that the distortion of prices accelerates and increases uncertainty, so much so that the parities seem to find no ceiling. … Read more

5 best Argentine stocks to invest, according to experts

Miscellaneous Corporate stocks are having a year with record gains, which come to exceed 200% rise in price, as is the case of YPF and TGS. Why savers are wondering what are the papers that can continue its upward rally and become an attractive investment possibility. In this regard, iProfesional consulted which are the 5 … Read more

Common fixed term or UVA fixed term?: reveal which is appropriate

The traditional fixed term is once again attractive after the new official inflation data was released, which indicates that a 6.3% price increase was registered throughout October. That is, a percentage similar to the interest rate of a 30-day placement. Therefore, the challenge now is know if this situation will continue in the coming months, … Read more

time to leave the fixed term?

He woke up on price of dollar bluea fact that fueled fears among savers and ignited doubts as to whether or not the time had come to abandon the positions invested in time deposits and bonds in pesos to turn around and protect the surplus income in US currency. It is that the informal bill … Read more

The cheapest car in Argentina is no longer Toyota Etios: it is the…

It is a new compact hatchback, which is already in dealerships. In addition to being the cheapest, it was launched with 80% financing By Guillermina Fossati 31/10/2022 – 16,28hs Since 0km prices increase by more than 5% every month, expectations are centered on what are the cheapest models in the countryranking that until now led … Read more

how much does it cost to travel 15 days as a family

The implementation of the new qatar dollar still returns more difficult the possibility of traveling abroad. In fact, ahead of the summer holidays, one of the favorite destinations for Argentines has become practically inaccessible: a family would need more than $2,750,000 to spend 15 days in Miami. It is that, although it is advisable that … Read more