Afro-American woman was arrested on the spot for abusing plainclothes policeman “Chinese mother fxxker” in Chinatown, New York | Apple Daily

(North American Communications) An African-American woman in New York, USA, made a noise in Chinatown, Manhattan, New York on Tuesday. She accused an employee of … Read more

Liao Qizhi Suffered from Gastric Cancer and Died Gastric Cancer Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention Methods | Apple Daily

Veteran actor Liao Qizhi was diagnosed with gastric cancer at the end of last yearAlthough he did not smoke or drink, and in recent years … Read more

Hong Kong dynasty change | Boycott TVB advertisers see initial results (Uncle of the Greater Bay Area) | Apple Daily

In recent years, the voices condemning TVB (television broadcasting, 511) have increased unabated. The private sector has spontaneously listed the advertisers in detail, spared no … Read more

Burmese male god arrested | Myanmar dispatched 50 soldiers and 8 military vehicles to arrest male god Paing Takhon in demonstrations approaching 600 deaths | Apple Daily

Anti-military demonstrations in Myanmar have continued for a long time, but the people are being suppressed more and more intensely. The authorities issued a celebrity … Read more

Xinjiang Cotton Disturbance丨Wireless Programs Must Be Faithful and Self-castrate Blur Adidas Logo | Apple Daily

The Xinjiang cotton incident triggered a chain reaction. Many international brands such as H&M and NIKE were attacked. Half a hundred Chinese, Hong Kong and … Read more

Liang Zuyao X MIRROR Live Broadcast Jiang Tao Hungry Ghost Lost in Chicken Pot confessed that he had struggled before “catching fans”| Apple Daily

Liang Zuyao (Azu) was involved in Jiang Tao’s fan quarrels on ViuTV’s “Teach You MIRROR” a few days ago. He became a target for several … Read more

Wuhan pneumonia ︱ The diagnosis rate of children in Hong Kong is more than 40% higher than that of adults. The number of virus is more than that of adults.

The Wuhan pneumonia epidemic has slowed down slightly, but the epidemic prevention is still not to be lost, and children have become a new generation … Read more

Tomb-sweeping [email protected] Cemetery︱Citizens in black who brought “Apple” and “Lian Pig” cakes to sacrifice unnamed hands and feet were intercepted by plainclothes police for investigation | Apple Daily

During the Ching Ming Festival, everyone went to the cemetery to worship their ancestors, and the enthusiastic citizens chose to go to the Shaling Cemetery … Read more

Popular Korean variety show “Running Man” Song Ji Hyo Chuan So Min Doo Big Eyes Lee Kwang Soo, the male god Song Joong Ki appeared at the wedding in the rain | Apple Daily

South Korea’s popular variety show “Running Man” (RM) aired the latest episode today and invited the most popular girl groupBrave GirlsAs a guest, Brave Girls … Read more