Unveiling the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 SUPER: A Closer Look at the Unreleased Flagship Graphics Card

2023-09-20 05:30:00 NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3090 SUPER graphics card has been exposed again, showing off this graphics card that was never officially launched and was replaced by the 3090 Ti. The RTX 3090 SUPER was originally expected to be launched as the flagship graphics card of the RTX 30 series, but was later canceled for … Read more

ChatGPT’s Impact on Research Papers: Unveiling Anomalies and Ethical Considerations

2023-09-12 05:00:00 Embarrassed, I copied the words on the ChatGPT button when I was writing my physics paper. Not only did the results pass two months of peer review, they were even eventually published in a journal. The person who discovered this phenomenon was Guillaume Cabanac, a well-known anti-counterfeiter and associate professor at the University … Read more

JSAUX RGB Docking Station: The Ultimate Expansion Base for x86-based Handheld Computers

2023-07-25 01:00:00 The RGB Docking Station launched by JSAUX is an expansion base specially designed for x86-based handheld computers. It can support a variety of handheld computers including Steam Deck, Ally, and AYANEO 2. Supports a variety of handheld computers JSAUX RGB Docking Station adopts a retractable stand design, users can adjust the position of … Read more

ControlNet’s Reference Only: Simplify Image Generation with Style Control

2023-07-04 01:00:00 Reference Only is a new function integrated in ControlNet. It only needs to input a single reference picture to control the style of the generated image, which can simplify the workflow of training small models such as LoRA. Imitate the style of reference pictures According to ControlNet’s updated information on GitHub, Reference Only … Read more

Musk stipulated that if he did not log in, he could only read 600 posts per day, but Twitter went down instead | T客银行

2023-07-03 05:00:00 The melancholy Musk began to fight online with netizens again. Look on the social networking site, everywhere: Musk finally killed Twitter! Musk just made a new rule before: do not log in and do not show. The back foot of Twitter was directly crashed, until now there are still users who can’t connect… … Read more

AMD RX 7800/7700 Series Graphics Cards: Slow Advance Speed and Disappointing Performance

2023-06-16 07:30:00 The advance speed of AMD RX 7000 series graphics cards is as slow as a tortoise. So far, there are only two series of flagship RX 7900 and mainstream RX 7600, while the high-end RX 7800/7700 series is still unknown. Among them, the early rumors of RX 7800 XT will appear on COMPUTEX, … Read more