Ukraine President Zelensky’s Anti-Corruption Operation in Military Recruitment; Dismissal of Regional Heads

2023-08-12 03:01:00 The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, announced this Friday the immediate dismissal of all the regional heads of the country’s recruitment centers, within the framework of an anti-corruption operation in the military recruitment system. Recruiters were bribed not to send certain people to fight. The vacancies will be filled by soldiers who have … Read more

Russian Government Ends Grain Export Agreement with Turkey and UN: Impact on Global Economy and Food Crisis

2023-07-18 13:17:19 The Russian government reported this Monday that it will not again extend the validity of the grain export agreement signed in 2022 with Turkey and the UN -and indirectly with Ukraine-, arguing that part of it is not fulfilled, to the detriment of the Russian economy. . “The Black Sea deal has de … Read more

Attack on Crimean Bridge: Ukraine Accused, Russia’s Strategic Transport Infrastructure at Risk

2023-07-18 03:01:00 This Monday morning an emergency situation was reported on the bridge built by Vladimir Putin to join the Crimean peninsula with Russian territory. Shortly after it became clear that it was an attack with drones or underwater missiles by Ukraine. The bridge is a double structure that carries a railway line and, in … Read more

Updates on the Ukrainian Counteroffensive and Russia’s Air Superiority: Recent Developments and Strategic Targets

2023-06-20 06:29:58 The Ukrainian counteroffensive entered its third week with a mixed result in the face of Russia’s air superiority and kilometer-long defensive lines, especially in the east and in the southeastern region of Zaporizhia, where the toughest battles are concentrated and where Moscow has sent reinforcements. The Ukrainian balance so far is eight small … Read more

Russia Launches Missiles in Kiev: African Leaders’ Mediation Interrupted

2023-06-17 03:01:00 Russia launched missiles against Kiev on Friday, twelve of which were shot down, according to Ukrainian forces in an attack that coincides with the visit of a delegation of African leaders seeking a way out of the conflict. Six of those missiles would be Kinzhal hypersonic strategic missiles. But no independent source could … Read more

Evacuation of Children in Russian-Ukrainian Border Areas: Latest Updates and Developments

2023-06-01 14:42:16 Russian authorities announced on Wednesday that they began to evacuate children from some border areas with Ukraine They are the target of heavy bombardment. Attacks have multiplied on Russian soil in recent weeks, including a drone attack on Moscow, the Russian capital, on Tuesday and a raid by gunmen in the Belgorod border … Read more