Netflix launches Samurai Shodown for Android and iOS

2023-08-29 16:53:00 Samurai Shodown is now available on Android and iOS and with the same graphics as the game released for consoles and computers. Check out! A Netflixwhich has already brought many cool games to its subscribers, has just launched “Samurai Shodown” for Android and iOS. The coolest thing is that the game is free, … Read more

Nintendo Switch Online – Known Leaker Teases N64 Virtual Console Announcement – Rumor

2023-08-24 22:20:08 Every year at Gamescom it’s the same song: will Nintendo make a content announcement at this event? While most French-speaking “insider” Youtubers must already have their video of the Switch 2 ready to draw with facial expressions always more exaggerated than each other, it is on the side of leaker Pyoro, who has … Read more

Modern Warfare III is now available for pre-order

2023-08-18 14:04:11 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has a release date set for November 10, 2023, but if you’re eager to secure your early entry into this epic experience, you can now purchase the game that just came out on pre-order. Check out the pre-purchase options and the benefits you get when you buy … Read more

Nintendo Switch 2: images of the next Nintendo console leak on the net + a video shows the console in action – Rumor

2023-07-19 16:30:41 Update : A video of the console appears on the net. We let you be the judge – See here Original news : For a few hours, the net has been in turmoil. Images of the alleged packaging of the Nintendo SWITCH 2 just leaked online. We see a console with a large … Read more

the console for podcasting and streaming

2023-05-25 04:25:00 This versatile console was designed to meet the needs of today’s content creators, whether they are beginners or seasoned professionals. “Getting professional audio quality for your podcast, live stream or YouTube channel couldn’t be easier with DLZ Creator” specifies the Mackie. Just choose – from three work modes (“Easy”, “Enhanced” and “Professional”) – … Read more

Xbox Series S 512GB at a Big Discount on Amazon

The day has come for you to buy that console to have a live video game experience in your living room with the Xbox Series S. Microsoft’s console has gone on sale through Amazon and can be purchased now for R$ 2,149 million at sight. The product also takes a control in the package and … Read more