Can you get an infection in space?

2023-12-20 12:04:33 Various measures are taken to try to prevent astronauts from falling ill during their stay in space. With more or less success. Hello Houston! Do we have a problem? If there is one place where you don’t want to get sick, it’s in space: you are far from everything, in a confined space, … Read more

Oysters banned from sale after collective food poisoning

2023-12-17 11:06:39 Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea concluded the meal. On December 9, while celebrating Sainte-Barbe in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie (Loire-Atlantique), around forty people, including around twenty firefighters, were victims of collective food poisoning. After analysis, it turns out that it was the oysters consumed by the guests which were contaminated by norovirus. Following this giant gastroenteritis, the … Read more

Restaurateur indicted for “injuries and manslaughter”

2023-12-06 18:48:29 A restaurateur was indicted in the investigation into cases of botulism in Bordeaux. The owner of the Tchin Tchin Wine Bar in Bordeaux, “was referred” this Wednesday “for indictment on charges of “injuries and involuntary manslaughter”, “endangering the lives of others”, “non- assistance to people in danger” and “selling corrupt or toxic foodstuffs” … Read more

Toxic Water Contamination Scandal in 12 Hennuyer Villages: Implications and Solutions

2023-11-10 13:14:00 The inhabitants of 12 Hennuyer villages unknowingly consumed water contaminated with these toxic components for almost a year and a half, between October 2021 and March 2023. This is a level five times higher than the tolerable dose set by the European Food Safety Authority. Around 12,000 people would be affected. This is … Read more

Belgian Water Scandal: PFAS Contamination and Government Response

2023-11-10 12:13:00 It appears that the political authorities and responsible administrations were informed of the existence of this pollution, a contamination so toxic that residents of the municipalities concerned are today asked not to consume locally produced eggs and vegetables. Also read: “Our tap water is drinkable but it is not pure”: for this recognized … Read more

Latest Covid-19 Updates in Azerbaijan: 2 New Cases and 4 Recoveries Recorded on July 1

2023-07-01 19:55:00 Bakou, 1er juillet, AZERTAC On Saturday July 1, 2 new Covid-19 contaminations and 4 additional recoveries were recorded in Azerbaijan, we learned from the crisis unit responsible for the fight against the coronavirus with the Azerbaijani government. Azerbaijan has so far confirmed 831,947 people infected with the coronavirus, of which 821,652 have been … Read more

“Protect Yourself from Dangerous Mosquitoes in Occitania: Tips and Tools for Eradication”

2023-05-27 07:03:43 The resurgence of the tiger mosquito in Occitania is a growing concern for health authorities. The period of activity of this potential vector of dangerous viruses such as dengue, chikungunya and zika extends from May 1 to November 30. After the recent rains, an increase in the number of mosquitoes is expected, highlighting … Read more

The 2023 list of the most polluted vegetables and fruits: serious health damage

Blueberries, a favorite among nutritionists for their anti-inflammatory properties, join fiber-rich green beans on this year’s Dirty Dozen list of non-organic produce contaminated with the most pesticides, according to the Environmental Working Group, an environmental health nonprofit. In this list, the researchers relied on analyzing the group of vegetables and fruits and the extent of … Read more