Controversial Behavior of Hassan Timbukti: Al-Marsad Sports brings you the latest news on the player’s post-match actions in the King Salman Cup for Clubs

2023-08-09 23:16:06 Al-Marsad Sports: Hassan Timbukti, the player of Al-Shabab Club, sparked controversy among the pioneers of social networking sites, after his behavior after his team’s match tonight against Al-Hilal, in the semi-finals of the King Salman Cup for Clubs. Al-Midan Al-Riyadh account on Twitter published a video clip in which Hassan Timbukti appeared during … Read more

The Sports Observatory: Controversial Message from Sports Journalist Adnan Justineh Shakes Al-Ittihad Club

2023-07-05 20:39:29 The Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Adnan Justineh sent a mysterious and controversial message on Twitter. Justinia wrote on his Twitter account: Do not believe them. They said Al-Ittihad entered into their club’s deal with information that they are promoting, and it is not true. They lost the league, they lost their cases, they … Read more

“The Controversial Tweet by Sports Journalist Muhammad Abu Hedaya: A Detailed Analysis”

2023-05-17 16:20:10 Sports Observatory: Sports journalist, Muhammad Abu Hedaya, published a controversial tweet after Al-Ittihad tied against Al-Hilal. Abu Hedaya wrote on his Twitter account, saying: For two seasons that have passed and throughout its rounds, the constant opponent (Al-Nasr) is in the largest disgusting gathering of the meanings of unnatural hatred on the part … Read more

“The Sports Observatory: Controversial Tweet by Muhammad Abu Hedaya Sparks Debate About Team Justification”

2023-05-08 18:07:48 The Sports Observatory: The sports journalist, Muhammad Abu Hedaya, published a mysterious and controversial tweet on Twitter. Abu Hedaya wrote on his Twitter account: The president’s media is preparing excuses and conspiracy language early. He continued: Even confidence in their team and its good attitude is not enough. He added: I support your … Read more

The Rise of Shein: How the Chinese Fashion Brand Became a Global Leader in Fast Fashion

2023-05-04 03:58:08 It’s a five-letter planetary success: Shein (pronounced “Chi-in”) is the fashionable clothing brand. Popular with young people, the Chinese brand – exclusively accessible online – is opening a pop-up store in Paris on Thursday May 4, which will be open from May 5 to 8. In recent months, it has multiplied physical interventions … Read more

“The Sports Observatory: Analyzing Al-Ittihad Club’s Championship Win with Mohamed Abu Hedaya”

2023-05-01 17:41:21 Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Mohamed Abu Hedaya asked an interesting question about Al-Ittihad Club winning the league championship this season. And Abu Hedaya wrote on his Twitter account: An innocent question now. And he continued: In order to understand and fatwa the lawyers who spend it heresy in the canned programs. innocent question … Read more