Watch .. An unexpected reaction to a “lawyer” after the judge asked him to better wear his mask

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented an unexpected reaction of a lawyer after the judge repeatedly asked him to wear his mask better. The video showed the lawyer inside a court in Poland, wearing a small mask, and the judge repeatedly asked him to wear it better. The video showed the lawyer, fed up, and … Read more

Yes, because I am from Orissa – Mir – Kommersant

In India, summed up the results of the presidential elections held on July 18. The new head of state was Draupadi Murmu from a small tribe of Santals, whose representatives belong to the least socially protected segments of the population. Mrs. Murmu confidently defeated her competitor, Yashwant Sinha, a representative of the opposition forces. Indian … Read more

Tribute to Amadou Soumahoro: Affi N’Guessan salutes the memory of the “man of conviction” and the “political activist”

“I learn with dismay of the disappearance of Amadou Soumahoro, President of the National Assembly of Côte d’Ivoire. I pay tribute to the man of conviction, the political activist, the passionate defender of his values. Tonight, all Côte d’Ivoire is in mourning. Yako to his political and biological family”, writes the president of the Ivorian … Read more

Damnation of memory

Damnation of memory

Image: There is almost nothing that does not exist in the network of networks: ingenious, interesting, useful and wonderfully superfluous. This time: Remove objects from images. VA week ago we presented a tool here that can be used to cut out objects in image files. Today there is one that can be used to … Read more

In Germany, historic conviction of a former Syrian leader

Wassim Mukdad says it “Relieved”. This Syrian musician, imprisoned in 2011 in his country and arrived in 2016 as a refugee in Germany, is one of the many civil parties in the historic trial which ended Thursday, January 13, in Koblenz, in the west of Germany. After 107 court days, the judges sentenced former Syrian … Read more

Panic in the British monarchy after the conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell? Prince Andrew’s lawyers meet urgently!

Posted on Thursday, December 30, 2021 at 8:28 p.m. Through Sudinfo with ANP and AFP Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of five of the six charges brought against her in her sexual abuse trial. This move could tarnish Prince Andrew’s image. His lawyers would have held a crisis meeting on Thursday. Prince Andrew’s lawyers have … Read more