“Krom Phra Sri Sawangkhawatana” presided over the meeting. Disease-free animals project. People are safe from rabies.

“Krom Phra Si Sawangkhawatana” presided over the meeting of the committee to drive the project implementation of disease-free animals, safe people from rabies at Thip … Read more

FDA green light! The coronavirus vaccine, “Moderna”, has been approved to be administered to adolescents aged 12-17 years.

FDA approved “Moderna Vaccine” Can be injected in adolescents aged 12-17 years in Thailand. Today (16 September) Mrs. Sunaina Kitkasetpaisan General Manager of ZP Theraputics … Read more

Covid-19: Corona Virus remains active in a 30 days old dead-body, says UAE forensic doctors | Covid-19: Shocking revelation, corona virus in 30-day-old corpse … !!

Dubai: Dubai forensic doctors with world shocking revelation. They claim to have found the presence of the corona virus in the 30-day-old corpse. Recently Kovid … Read more