It causes cancer and liver damage..Experts reveal the harms of adding salt to pasta when boiling..and explain the correct method

Al Marsad Newspaper: Experts revealed that adding salt to pasta at the wrong time during cooking can pose a health risk. illnesses serious Scientists from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, analyzed chemicals found in tap water and found small amounts of disinfectants that, when combined with salt, create harmful byproducts. They can cause cancer, … Read more

A video documenting the moment women wear the first establishment uniform! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the appearance of a number of women wearing the “establishment dress”, as women used to wear it in the early days of the Saudi state. The women appear almost completely dressed, and cover their faces that only show parts of the face. In the background of the video, one … Read more

The hidden was revealed if this manipulation is true! • Sports Observatory

Sports Observatory: Sports critic Adnan Justineh tweeted about the time period for requesting foreign referees in the Saudi Roshen League matches. And one of the newspapers asked the Football Association a question about this matter, and Justinia commented and wrote: The game has become clear and the hidden has been revealed. The game has come … Read more

He answered it right! • Sports Observatory

Al-Marsad Sports: The sports journalist, “Khaled Al-Shanif”, published a video clip of the former Al-Ittihad and Saudi national team player, “Mohammed Nour” during the “SBC Stadium” episode, during which he expects the events of the Al-Hilal and Flamengo match in the Club World Cup semi-finals. And “Noor” said, during his talk about Al-Hilal’s chances of … Read more

What is the plural of the word Hossam?.. A question that raises controversy in Egypt, and a teacher reveals the correct answer

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A question about collecting Hossam’s word in the Arabic language exam for first-year secondary students sparked widespread controversy in Egypt between students and parents, considering it an incapacitating question. For his part, Atef Abdel Nabi, one of the Arabic language instructors in Mansoura, said that the question is included in the teaching curriculum … Read more

The correct way to prepare the famous “Al-Areka” meal…and a specialist advises heart patients not to eat it for this reason

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Food and Drug Authority (FDA) revealed that the Arikkah is one of the popular meals in Wadi Al-Dawasir Governorate, south of Riyadh, especially during the winter season. And about the method of preparing it, “Umm Ibrahim” said that its preparation requires kneading the wheat with the bazaar in what is described as … Read more