“Covid Today” Chonburi has 178 new infections – excluding ATK 3,426 more.

“Covid today” 6 July 2022 Chonburi Province There have been 178 new cases of COVID-19, excluding ATK, 3,426, while the cumulative death toll totals 339. … Read more

FDA warns people to beware of counterfeit Chinese medicine during the post-Covid-19 period

from the product caseherbIn the market, the team has deceived Sapphun and cited the certification of FDA, especially during “Covid-19” Dr. Surachoke Tangwiwat, deputy secretary-general … Read more

“Covid Today” Chonburi has 144 new infections, excluding ATK 2,658 more.

“covid today” On July 3, 2022, provincesChonburi Covid-19 cases have been reported Confirmed 144 new RT-PCR cases who were infected with COVID-19 ATK 2,658 cases … Read more

“Covid today” Chonburi province has 209 new infections, excluding ATK 2,833 more.

“Covid today” 30 June 2022 Chonburi It is reported209 new COVID-19 cases not included ATK another 2,833 cases while the topdiedcollecting a total of 335 … Read more

“Covid Today” Chonburi has 82 new infections, excluding ATK 1,557 more.

On June 27, 2022 Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office Chonburi Province Situation report”covid todayConfirm new RT-PCR A total of 82 cases were infected.Covid-19 1,557 ATKs … Read more

“Covid Today” Chonburi has 62 new infections, excluding ATK 679 more.

On June 6, 2022, Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office, Chonburi Province, reported the situation “covid today” Confirmed 62 new RT-PCR cases who were infected with … Read more

“Covid Today” Chonburi has 77 more infected, excluding ATK 1,296 more.

“covid today” June 1, 2022 Chonburi It is reportedpeople infected with COVID-19 77 new cases excluded ATK 1,296 more, includingdiedCollected 322 cases “Covid today” Chonburi … Read more