Revealing the information of patients infected with the second round of covids, tested negative for ATK, saliva is negative, BA.2 cultured.

The spike protein binds to the ACE2 receptor protein of the neighboring cell and fuses the cell. forming a large cell with a central nucleus … Read more

Doctor Opas solves doubts why coughing heavily, dry coughing after recovering from the infection “Covid Omicron”

Check your ATK before travelingWear a double mask when using public transportation because it’s crowded.The elderly in the high-risk group are especially cautious. It’s best … Read more

After recovering from covids, check 6 symptoms of Long COVID that are often found

Introduction to Health Care Guidelines for Patients with Long COVID 1. Exercise and get enough rest. 2. Practice slow and deep breathing. 3. Eat nutritious … Read more

Checking for symptoms of Covid-19, coughing heavily but without sputum dangerous or not

Covid-19 situation update In Thailand today 11 Apr. 65 new patient 22,387 cases get well today 27,680 cases died 105 cases by COVID-19 Omicron species … Read more

Doctor Nithipat reveals information about COVID-19 patients Still not giving up as easily as he had hoped.

An adequate way to indirectly boost his immunity while awaiting future vaccines. is to help reduce infection from adults to children, especially from family members. … Read more

“10 provinces with the most infections” Bangkok-Nakhon Si Thammarat-Chonburi most infected

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Open 3 provinces. “Covid-19” is in a serious crisis. I almost bought an ICU bed.

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Czech 3 risk groups. If infected with covid-19 “Omicron” can be severely ill.

side Prof. has disclosed informationSymptoms of covid omicron infectionIn Thailand, there were 41 cases, 8 of which the most common were cough 54%, sore throat … Read more

“Doctor Theerawat” reveals the impact information. After contracting COVID-19 dementia

This pattern overlaps with a phenomenon known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)/Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), characterized by muscle pain associated with inflammatory processes in the brain … Read more