Traffic Delays and Accidents on E42 Motorway – Watch Exclusive Videos and Get Latest Updates

2023-11-23 12:26:12 If you took the E42 motorway between Mons and La Louvière, you certainly had to be patient this Thursday morning. Significant traffic problems with more than half an hour of delays were noted. of videos Two accidents actually occurred a few kilometers away. The first accident took place at 7:40 a.m. near Ville-sur-Haine. … Read more

Mysterious Deaths of Russian Officials and Oligarchs: The Case of General Sviridov

2023-11-18 22:29:00 General Sviridov joins the long list of Russian officials and oligarchs who have died in mysterious circumstances since the start of the war in Ukraine. The former commander of the 6th Russian Air and Air Defense Army, Lieutenant General Vladimir Sviridov, was found dead last Wednesday in a house in the village of … Read more

Tragic Hiking Accident in Hergenrath: Critical Injuries Reported in Forest Fall

2023-10-16 09:55:29 This Sunday, October 15, 2023, an outdoor hike, which should have been a peaceful day surrounded by nature, took a tragic turn when one of the hikers had a serious fall in a forest in Hergenrath, in the municipality of La Calamine. Read also A driver dies in Battice following hitting a tree … Read more

Tragic Road Accident in Heestert: Man in Critical Condition After Losing Control of Gray BMW

2023-10-07 05:53:02 A 26-year-old young man who was driving a gray BMW was the victim of a terrible road accident during the night from Friday to Saturday in Heestert, Flanders. According to information from HLN, it was in a slight right turn that the motorist lost control of the vehicle and veered towards the left. … Read more

Shocking Incident: Deliberate Act or Accident? Latest News Update

2023-09-27 16:08:54 This Monday, an accident occurred on the Dendermondsesteenweg in Wetteren, East Flanders. At least that’s what we thought. Because according to information from Latest newsthe accident was ultimately not one. The pedestrian who was hit by a driver was apparently the victim of a deliberate act. Still in critical condition, the 44-year-old’s life … Read more

Serious Car Accident at Place Régnier in Mons: Multiple Vehicles Involved and Injuries Reported

2023-09-18 17:46:08 This Monday, around 6:30 p.m., emergency services headed urgently to Place Régnier at Long Col in Mons. An accident had just occurred there. Several cars were involved. of videos The accident occurred just before the red light which allows you to head towards the center of Mons coming from Nimy. Four vehicles were … Read more

Intruder Injures Two Residents at Huize Nazareth, Tien District: Updates & Latest News

2023-08-18 08:24:39 Two residents were injured on Friday morning at the residential care center Huize Nazareth in the Tien district of Goetsenhoven following an unknown person forced their way into the center. This information shared by our colleagues from HLN was also confirmed by the mayor of Tienen. The individual was arrested thanks to the … Read more

Violent Fight on Albertlaan in Ninove Leaves Man in Critical Condition: Latest Updates and Investigation Details

2023-08-04 13:10:00 Two individuals got into a fight on the Albertlaan in Ninove. One of them, a 46-year-old man, is still in hospital. His vital prognosis is engaged, indicates the prosecution of East Flanders. “He was brought in on Wednesday with a serious head trauma and then suffered a cerebral hemorrhage,” the victim’s sister told … Read more