The announcement of the divorce agreement triggered a tort lawsuit. Zhang Jizhong was sentenced to apologize to his ex-wife and compensate him – People’s Livelihood – China Industry Network

2023-12-02 00:09:00 Original title: Zhang Jizhong was sentenced to apologize to his ex-wife and compensate for infringement after announcing the divorce agreement. Yangtze Evening News (Reporter Zhang Nan) On November 30, the Beijing Internet Court made a first-instance judgment in the case of former famous CCTV director Fan Xinman suing famous director Zhang Jizhong for … Read more

Elia Soil Studies in Belgium: Updates on Hainaut Loop Infrastructure & Impact on Local Communities

2023-11-27 15:00:00 The electricity distributor in Belgium Elia is continuing soil studies on certain plots of fields in the municipalities of Ath, Leuze-en-Hainaut and Chièvres. “In order to collect information on the state of the soil in the potential locations where the Hainaut Loop infrastructure would be located, Elia wishes to carry out soil tests … Read more

Tractor Causes Impressive Facade Collapse in Zonnebeke: No Injuries but Considerable Damage

2023-11-06 10:15:44 An impressive accident took place this Monday morning in Zonnebeke, in West Flanders. According to our colleagues from Laatste Nieuws, the police were called to go to rue de Roeselare after the collapse of a facade. Read also A bus hangs on the facade of a house in Walcourt: “It was a new … Read more

Discover the Presence of a Raccoon in a Garage: Samuel’s Surprising Encounter

2023-11-03 05:40:00 It was upon discovering the bucket of bread intended for his animals turned upside down that Samuel de Florennes became suspicious of a little visitor in his garage. “He came for two days but I suspect he has been there for three or four,” explains the Florennois. The latter came face to face … Read more

Property Damage Nightmare: A Landlord’s Story of Betrayal and Loss

2023-10-26 04:37:00 “I estimate the damage at nearly €10,000, my mistake was to have believed in this tenant. The lady was separated with six children, three of whom were dependent on her. Mom too, I was coming out of a painful breakup. She hurt my heart, I wanted to give her a second chance…” ** … Read more

Nightmare Tenant: A Rental Ordeal of Drugs, Squatters, and Property Damage in Huy

2023-10-23 03:00:00 On paper, however, the young woman displayed all the qualities of an ideal tenant. Éric Hannequart, owner of a building on rue Entre-Deux-Portes in Huy, would never have anticipated the scale of the ordeal that would result from this rental. Read also Cocaine trafficking in Huy: dealers arrested a year ago, prosecuted in … Read more