A famous Lebanese actress in a dance scene and a mockery of “Bab Al Hara” (video)

Previous episodes of the series “Husband Under House Arrest” saw the people of the house conduct a competition that simulated programs for singing, acting and modeling talents. The course of the episodes included the mockery of one of the scenes from the series “Bab Al-Hara”, when “Salma” (Anjou Rayhan) wears a “Malaya” Shamiya, speaking in … Read more

In the UK, nearly a quarter of music festivals canceled due to lack of support

Several organizers have decided to throw in the towel for 2021 in the absence of a specific insurance system against a new epidemic outbreak. In the UK, music festival organizers have been urging the government for months to give them a specific insurance plan in the event of their edition being canceled due to Covid-19. … Read more

The energy of La Casa Azul makes the audience of the Strenes dance in a concert that combines new songs with classics of the band

L’Girona Auditorium has been filled with music and light in the presentation of the new tracks of The blue House. The Barcelona band led by Guille milkyway has made the near ones dance 600 spectators who have attended each of the two concerts that the group has done in Girona this Saturday. An audience that … Read more

“You stop working with me, you’re an atomic asshole”

The National Congress in pandemic mode continues to be an inexhaustible source of unusual scenes. To the embarrassment of Juan Emilio Ameri, the Salta fired from Deputies for kissing his girlfriend’s breasts in the middle of the session, an episode for which He was nicknamed the “tit-sucker”, followed by other almost common gaffes in times … Read more

The pioneers who taught us to dance

Many Basque dance professionals have made a round trip. “A guajira,” as Alicia Gómez, a teacher at Dantzerti, says. The generation that started in the 80s had to travel many kilometers to train, and if today we have closer alternatives, it is because there were those who came back to teach what they learned. In … Read more