NIJISANJI EN “Luxiem Half Anniversary Goods” will be on sale at the EN store and Niji store at the same time! | ANY COLOR Co., Ltd. Press Release

“Luxiem Half Anniversary” will be on sale at the EN store and Niji store! From “NIJISANJI EN”, “Luxiem Half Anniversary Goods” will be released to … Read more

Trade announces 10 urgent measures to address the delay in delivering cars to consumers from agents, which caused prices to rise

Al-Marsad Newspaper: In addition to the statement issued by the Ministry of Commerce regarding the ministry’s investigation into what is raised about granting car agencies … Read more

“Hololive presents V is such a nerdy activity! ]The first public recording event to commemorate the 100th broadcast will be held! | Press release of COVER Corporation

“Hololive presents V’s nerdy nerd” being delivered at Hibiki Radio Station! In commemoration of the 100th broadcast, it was decided to hold the first public … Read more

Announced a total of 15 billion yen in financing through joint lead investment by DST Global Partners and WiL, the No. 1 corporate card for growing companies | Press release of UPSIDER Co., Ltd.

With DST Global Partners and WiL as lead investors, existing and foreign investors Arena Holdings and Tybourne Capital Management are the main underwriters for third-party … Read more

MSI releases graphics card “RADEON ™ RX 6750 XT GAMING X TRIO 12G” equipped with AMD Radeon ™ RX 6750 XT

【RADEON™ RX 6750 XT GAMING X TRIO 12G】 This product is a GAMING series that uses AMD Radeon ™ RX 6750 XT. The overclocked core … Read more

“Nijisanji FAN CLUB” members-only river individual membership card & app version membership card details announced! | ANY COLOR Co., Ltd. Press Release

Notice regarding “river individual membership card, application version membership card” In “Nijisanji” operated by our company, the official fan club “Nijisanji FAN CLUB” started operation … Read more

Cheese restaurant will start offering “Triple Cheeseburger” of 3 kinds of cheese from May 1st! “CCC Cheese Cheers Cafe KYOTO”

“Triple cheeseburger” using 3 kinds of cheese! All-you-can-eat finished cheese! Cheese restaurant “CCC Cheese Cheers Café Kyoto” will start offering “Triple Cheeseburger” using 3 kinds … Read more