Persona 3 Reload: New Video, Release Date, and Character Updates – Official Website

2023-07-04 03:30:00 On July 4, Atlus Co., Ltd. released a new video of “Persona 3 Reload” at “Anime Expo Lite 2023”, along with the characters “Mitsuru Kirijo”, “Akihiko Sanada”, and “Fuka Yamagishi”. ” released the main visual. The release date of this work is early 2024, and the compatible platforms are PS4 / PS5, PC … Read more

The Steam store page of the visual novel game “SAEKO: Giantess Dating Sim” where you live with a giant girl has been released.

2023-06-30 13:40:00 An indie game development team “SAFE HAVN STUDIO” by graduates of the Kyoto University Micom Club (KMC) is an immoral visual novel game where you live with a giant girl.『SAEKO: Giantess Dating Sim』ofSteam store pagepublished. This work is under development with the aim of delivery in 2024. “SAEKO: Giantess Dating Sim” is set … Read more

“Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon Board Game” to be Released

2023-06-22 08:46:00 Square Enix announced on June 22nd (Thursday) that its new product “Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon Board Game]Announced the release of. The tax-included price is 4,620 yen, and the scheduled release date is December. In addition, at the time of writing this article, Square Enix’s EC site “e-STORE” is accepting reservations.  『Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeonis a … Read more

“Twitter API” used for account authentication etc. will be charged from February 9

[Updated 2023/02/02 20:45]As a result of confirming with Twitter on February 2nd, Yostar replied that “It does not affect the specifications for linking with game accounts”.azur lane]etc., from the official Twitter account of each title. However, just in case, the company is calling on users to proceed with cooperation in another way, such as issuing … Read more

“Dead by Daylight” developer’s new build & raid game “Meet Your Maker” OBT will be held from February 6th

survival horror game“Dead by Daylight”Behavior Interactive, which develops , is a build and raid game scheduled to be released on Tuesday, April 4“Meet Your Maker”ofOpen beta test will be held from 23:00 on Monday, February 6thannounced. The period is until 13:59 on Tuesday, February 14th.This event will be held from 3:00 am on Tuesday, February … Read more

Nintendo announces what to do when condensation occurs on Nintendo Switch

The official Twitter account of Nintendo Support will be on January 23 (Monday) on Nintendo Switch.What to do if condensation occurswas officially announced. Condensation may form on the game console if the temperature of the place where the game console is placed suddenly changes. If condensation occurs, turn off the power and put it in … Read more