Unveiling the Unsolved Mysteries: Taiwanese Diabetes and its Dietary Impact

2023-09-26 09:05:54 The unsolved mysteries of Taiwanese diabetes:What do you think?====================The following is a reflection on the unsolved mysteries of diabetes among Taiwanese people:It’s for reference only, it’s up to you whether you believe it or not.====================question:Why are there more and more people with diabetes in Taiwan? .The number of people with diabetes is increasing … Read more

Preventing and Managing Diabetes through Physical Activity: The Key to Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

2023-09-27 17:27:47 Diabetes is a silent disease that is mainly characterized by no symptoms or if they do appear, they are very general and non-specific. It has to do with high blood sugar, generating a lack of insulin or a reduced effect on some organs such as the liver, for example. The truth is that … Read more

Effective Strategies for Managing Diabetes and Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

2023-09-27 02:00:00 Written by Mervat Rashad Wednesday, September 27, 2023 05:00 AM Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is an important part of managing diabetesIf left uncontrolled, it can contribute to some severe complications. However, many unintentionally make small mistakes on a daily basis, which can worsen blood sugar levels. Your diet and lifestyle play a … Read more

The Link Between Sleep Problems and Diabetes: How Sleeping with the Lights On Affects Insulin Resistance

2023-09-27 04:45:07 Many studies have shown a strong link between sleep problems and diabetes. (Schematic diagram/PIXABAY) Some people are used to sleeping with the lights on, thinking that they feel safer this way. However, this may unknowingly harm their metabolic health. One study found that subjects who slept with the lights on had higher blood … Read more

Fighting Diabetes Fear: Strategies to Overcome Doctor Anxiety

2023-09-27 07:33:00 Baierbrunn (ots) – Anyone who ignores their diabetes out of fear of going to the doctor faces long-term consequences. For example, small and large vessels and nerves can be damaged. According to Professor Bernhard Kulzer, “a bit of repression” is part of life – but this is not a good strategy for a … Read more

Insulin Resistance: The Hidden Culprit of Heart Disease Revealed

2023-09-25 16:36:02 High cholesterol has been a focus of treatment for cardiovascular disease for decades. However, many doctors are now challenging this notion. Many studies now suggest that focusing on cholesterol may lead health practitioners to overlook a key culprit: insulin resistance. Dr. Robert DuBroff, a cardiologist and professor at the University of New Mexico, … Read more