5 tips for a healthy breakfast and suhoor meal in Ramadan for diabetics

Posted by Fatima Khalil Friday, March 24, 2023 09:00 AM A radical change occurs in the routine and lifestyle in the month of Ramadan and meal times change, which may affect the glucose levels of diabetics, so it should be known Diabetics Ways in which they can fast and eat a healthy Iftar and Suhoor … Read more

5 drinks that help maintain blood sugar levels in Ramadan

Written by Mervat Rashad Saturday, March 18, 2023 05:00 PM You may have come across several lists of foods that can help you gain control sugar levels In the blood, but what about drinks? If you have diabetes, doctors may advise you to refrain from drinks that contain calories or sweeteners. However, as Ramadan approaches, … Read more

Health reveals an important fact about the treatment of diabetes and those who suffer from it… Details

Written by Walid Abdel Salam Monday, March 13, 2023 11:52 PM She said Ministry of Health And the population Insulin is a hormone that helps the body control blood sugar, and a diabetic needs it daily to maintain his health. And the Ministry of Health and Population continued: Diagnosis, follow-up and treatment can be free … Read more

If you have diabetes, beware of 4 nutritional supplements, most notably chromium

Written by Mervat Rashad Monday, 06 March 2023 05:00 PM Lifestyle plays a major role in managing sugar level in blood and overall health. What you eat, how you move your body, your sleep patterns and your stress levels are all factors that can affect your blood sugar. Even if you are taking medications to … Read more

“Distressing that several sites, even pharmacies, present it as a product for dieting purposes”

On TikTok in particular, some Internet users praise Ozempic and film themselves injecting themselves with the pen with the active ingredient of this drug, prescribed for type 2 diabetics, and which would promote rapid weight loss without effort. Videos viewed tens of thousands of times and which have gone viral. Result: in pharmacies, a new … Read more

For diabetics.. 4 tips to prevent diabetic foot complications, most notably

If you have diabetes, it is important that you keep your blood sugar in the target range as much as possible. This can help prevent or delay complications of diabetes, although genetics also plays a role in its development. High blood sugar over a long period increases the risk of developing a range of complications, … Read more