Retiree from Jalhay Receives Unjust Speeding Fine: A Shocking Story

2023-09-13 17:30:00 Louis Jacob, a retiree from the Jalhay region, has traveled more than 200,000 km in 10 years without committing the slightest offense or the slightest accident. This Sunday, returning from vacation, he discovered that he had received a fine for driving at a (corrected) speed of 51 km/h in a zone limited to … Read more

The Shocking Restaurant Bill: Italian Blogger Exposes Scam on Empty Plates

2023-08-10 17:50:00 Italian blogger Selvaggia Lucarelli will long remember her restaurant outing in Liguria. And for good reason: when it came time to pay the bill, what was her surprise when she was charged for a plate… empty. Indeed, after ordering pasta with pesto at 18 euros, she asked for a small plate to share … Read more

Brussels Resident Shares Nightmare of Bedbug Infestation After Buying Second-Hand Bed

2023-06-17 09:30:00 Thomas (assumed name), has been living in real hell for several months. As our colleagues from RTL Info report, this Brussels resident bought a second-hand bed for his daughter in August. Only, the furniture was infested with bedbugs. of videos “We installed the bed and three weeks later, I was bitten”, testifies this … Read more

Tourist Scammed with 400 Euro Lobster Dish on Mykonos Vacation: The DK Oyster Bar Controversy

2023-06-06 17:41:00 No it was not a mistake. However, when the waiters handed him the bill, Oscar thought it was a miscalculation. The 34-year-old was vacationing in Mykonos with his boyfriend and decided to stop by a well-known bar on the island, DK Oyster. of videos The couple had been attracted by the offer of … Read more

“The Case of Herwig: How Faulty Inverter Software Led to a Massive Energy Bill”

2023-04-19 17:40:00 Herwig, a Belgian who lives in Hoeselaar, paid nearly 15,000 euros for solar panels, a domestic battery, and an inverter. If he thought he was covering his energy needs, he found that he was consuming three times more electricity since the installation. A problem he explains to the Nieuwsblad. of videos His family … Read more

A Fléron resident from Romsée allegedly filmed his partner’s 13-year-old daughter while she was showering without her knowledge

In June 2019, in Fléron, the defendant secretly placed a mobile phone in the bathroom of his partner’s house to film her 13-year-old daughter while she was taking a shower. The victim’s mother discovered the recording on her partner’s phone and was bewildered by the defendant’s explanation that he wanted to check the color of … Read more