Elections 2022 | Rafael López Aliaga and his promise to charge only 10 soles if he was elected mayor of Lima | Popular renewal | Elections

in these municipal elections 2022, Rafael Lopez Aliaga became the mayor of Metropolitan Lima for the period 2023-2026. According to Supreme Decree No. 413-2019-EF, the Popular Renovation candidate is entitled to a monthly remuneration of S/15,600. However, during the campaign for the municipal chair, the popular ‘Porky’ he made a promise regarding his salary as … Read more

Elections 2022: How is the formation of the new metropolitan council led by Rafael López Aliaga? | Municipality of Lima | LIME

The metropolitan council functions in a similar way to the plenary session of Congress. There are ordinary commissions that rule on the draft ordinances proposed by the aldermen or the mayor, to later be debated in the council. The Municipality of Lima has more than 10 ordinary commissions and -as in Parliament- the distribution of … Read more

Mayor of Ate 2022: who is Franco Vidal, the 27-year-old politician who ran for mayor of this district | Elections 2022 | who is Franco Vidal | Lima Elections | Municipal Elections | District Elections | Elections Tie | Present

Las Regional and Municipal Elections took place last Sunday October 2nd and, after getting to know some of the virtual mayors from the ballot box, one of the names that has become relevant is that of Franco Vidal Moraleswho at 27 years of age would be the virtual mayor of the district of Ate. the … Read more

Elections 2022: Francis Allison, Rennan Espinoza, Marco Álvarez, Richard Soria and other former district mayors who return to power in Lima | JNE | ONPE | Lime | ECData | LIME

The most striking case is that of Francis Allison, who adds his fifth period of management at the head of the municipality of Magdalena del Mar. Yesterday, this virtual mayor met with Rafael López Aliaga, who will occupy the mayor’s office of Metropolitan Lima. Allison will return to the municipality on hostile ground because the … Read more

Rafael López Aliaga was elected mayor of Lima by the smallest margin | Official figures | ONPE | Popular Renewal | Elections 2022 | Daniel Urresti | Municipality of Lima | POLITICS

Businessman Rafael Lopez Aliagaleader of Renovación Popular, will return to the Municipality of Lima after 12 years, although this time not as alderman, but as metropolitan mayor, after an election that had a tight result: he surpassed Daniel Urrestifrom Podemos Peru, by just over 47 thousand votes, according to the report of the National Office … Read more