Karnataka, Gujarat make most progress in clean energy transition: Report

Karnataka and Gujarat are the Indian states making the most progress in overall preparedness and commitment in the transition to clean electricity, a new joint report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and Ember showed on Monday. The report analyses 16 Indian states, which together account for 90 per cent of … Read more

In the USA, Republican states rely on green energies

Windmills in Texas New wind and solar energy systems are constantly being built, especially in traditionally republican states. (Foto: Bloomberg/Getty Images) New York, Georgia, Denver “When people ask me what a wind turbine sounds like, I say it sounds like money,” says farmer Louis Brooks in his thick Texas accent. He owns a ranch larger than … Read more

Oil and gas: Europe’s new energy partner – not much better than Putin either

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Dealing with Russia: “We didn’t want to see it,” says Schäuble

Dealing with Russia “We didn’t want to see it,” says Schäuble 11/18/2022 1:06 am Voices warning of Germany becoming too dependent on Russian energy supplies have not only been around since the annexation of Crimea. But they are not heard in the federal government. While former Chancellor Merkel defends the decisions of earlier years, CDU … Read more

EDF: “Emmanuel Macron’s public remonstrances are scandalous, I am flabbergasted by so much nerve and disloyalty”, indignant Sophie Primas

There are love stories that end badly. After 8 years at the head of the historic French company, if ever there was one, we have known since July that Jean-Bernard Lévy and the State “started the succession process” of the CEO of EDF, who had been reappointed by Emmanuel Macron in 2019. Bruno Le Maire … Read more

“National effort”: This energy saving regulation applies from today

“National Effort” This Energy Saving Ordinance applies from today 09/01/2022 06:37 am Consumers and companies are called upon to save energy. “Every contribution counts,” said Economics Minister Habeck. Two ordinances make a number of steps binding. One of them comes into effect today. Germany’s companies and consumers should save energy. According to the Ministry of … Read more