“When we entered, we were just stunned”

Sydney and Kieran will long remember the first visit to their home in February last year. “When we finally walked in, I was just stunned. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Sydney told the New York Post. of videos The hopeful owner said there wasn’t “a square inch of the house that wasn’t full”. “I … Read more

The story of the oldest living person entered the Guinness Book of Records…and revealing her age and her only wish

Al-Marsad newspaper: Maria Branyas Moreira entered the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest living person in the world. Maria Branyas Moreira is 115 years and 328 days old, a Spanish national born in the United States, and has three children, 11 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. Maria survived the First and Second World Wars, the … Read more

The doctor will not pass – Newspaper Kommersant No. 8 (7453) dated 01/18/2023

More than 70% of Russians who have taken antibiotics in the past six months have done it wrong – either interrupted the course ahead of time, or self-medicated, for example, drank such drugs for a sore throat or as an infection prevention. This became clear in the course of a study by the Central Research … Read more

India is one of the three largest car markets in the world

At the end of 2022, India became the third largest automotive market in the world. Nikkei. According to preliminary estimates, India managed to outstrip Japan in terms of sales and for the first time in its history entered the top three largest car markets in the world. Po data Indian Association of Automobile Manufacturers, 4.13 … Read more

“Yonhap”: military aircraft of Russia and China entered the air defense identification zone of South Korea

Seoul launched fighters in connection with the entry into the South Korean air defense identification zone of two Chinese and six Russian aircraft. The agency reports “Ryonghap” with reference to the Committee of Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Korea. The Chinese and Russian planes did not violate South Korean … Read more

Ryan and Razan died quickly.. Bacteria entered and reached the blood and lungs. This is what the latest investigations revealed

Ali Hashisho wrote in Al-Akhbar: The forensic doctor, Afif Khafaja, confirms that the rapid death of the two children, Rayan and Razan Saleh, and their mother’s placement on a respirator in the intensive care unit due to severe poisoning, “is a rare case, as it affected all family members.” Last Thursday, the two girls and … Read more