The Riots during Hajj in 1987: Insights from Retired Major General Saad Al-Khelaiwi on Security Authorities’ Decisive Actions

2023-06-28 04:26:45 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Retired Major General Saad Al-Khelaiwi revealed how the security authorities dealt with the riots during Hajj in 1987. Al-Khelaiwi said, during an interview with the “Aman” channel: Vandals wanted to offend the pilgrimage and exceeded in their actions that amounted to attacking the security men inside Makkah. However, the firmness pursued … Read more

“Drug bust in Jeddah: Pakistani national arrested with 306 grams of shabu”

2023-05-22 14:12:00 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the moment a resident of Pakistani nationality was arrested, after he was caught in a suspicious situation inside his parish in Jeddah, and when he was searched, it became clear that he was a drug dealer. The video showed members of the anti-narcotics department rushing towards the … Read more

“Ministry of Interior Announces Death Penalty for Terrorist Cell Leader in Al-Qassim Region”

2023-05-15 09:12:27 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Today, the Ministry of the Interior issued a statement regarding the implementation of the death penalty for one of the perpetrators in Al-Qassim region, as follows: God Almighty said: (The recompense of those who wage war against God and His Messenger and strive to spread corruption in the land is only … Read more