Two puzzle games and a pirate action game: a new range of free games has launched in the Epic Games Store

2023-10-12 15:34:28 Thursday is on the calendar, which means a new free giveaway has started on the Epic Games Store. What is known This time players are offered three games: two parts of the puzzle game Q.U.B.E and the pirate PvP action game Blazing Sails. Both offers allow you to diversify your free time while … Read more

Horizon: Forbidden West – Complete Version and PC Release Coming in 2024

2023-09-30 02:57:08 The launch of the full version of “Horizon: Forbidden West” will allow players to experience the game content in a more complete way, and the launch of the PC version will also allow more players to experience this excellent action-adventure game. Guerrilla Games, a game studio under Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced that it … Read more

Leaked The Sims 5 information from job applications that it will be a free to play game.

2023-06-30 07:31:45 The Sims isgameA life simulation that allows players to create characters and create a simulated life of this character freely which normallygamewill do the selling out of money, buy before playing But when the episode The Sims 4, EA has more modifications.gameFree to play style comes as an option to play another way … Read more

The new free game from the Epic Games Store is now available and announced next week

2023-06-29 16:50:00 Epic Games Store has been updated to give away two new free games for PC on the occasion of its already traditional promotion that offers one or more weekly gifts, specifically every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). This time it offers a new free game that will be available at zero … Read more

Free games: download Guacamelee! 2 for a limited time on the Epic Games Store | Download | How to download | PC | Minimum requirements | DEPOR-PLAY

2023-06-16 01:01:49 Epic Games Store, the well-known digital video game platform, offers from today June 15 to the 22 of the same month the free download of the outstanding title Guacamelee! 2. In its continued commitment to provide its users with access to quality games, the virtual store continues to surprise with its range of … Read more