Svante Pbo: the harsh childhood of the Nobel Prize in Medicine of the secret son of another Nobel

There goes my explanation because they call me for no reason Updated Saturday, October 8, 2022 – 00:34 In Medicine and four decades after it was won by his father, Sune Bergström, who led a double life and two families for years. The scientist Svante Pbo, Nobel Prize in Medicine.AGENCIES exclusive Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Galician’ sister … Read more

Belarus demanded from Estonia to reduce the number of employees of the embassy in Minsk to two

Only one Estonian diplomat and one employee of the technical staff must remain at the Estonian embassy in Minsk from 1 October. The corresponding requirement in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus was explained by the “disrespectful attitude (of the Estonian leadership.— “uh”) to the sovereignty of our country.” The Belarusian side, as specified, … Read more

US military top calls for increased vigilance in preparation for Russia’s reaction to inferior war situation | Reuters

On Sept. 18, the chairman of the United States Army’s uniformed army, General Milly, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, visited a military base in Poland that supports Ukrainian forces. Pictured are self-propelled howitzers provided by Poland and Ukrainian soldiers. FILE PHOTO: The Kharkov region is seen in this file photo taken on May … Read more

Russian think tank offers bounty for Estonian robot vehicles supplied to Ukraine | Business Insider

Russia clearly doesn’t want to be left behind. The THeMIS can also be weaponized and used in combat. Business Wire “The conflict in Ukraine proves that modern warfare is impossible without the proliferation of unmanned vehicles,” Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies CAST, said in a statement to Insider. … Read more

Baltic countries try to adapt in the face of soaring energy prices

Soaring energy prices continue in Europe. In Lithuania and Estonia, businesses are adapting. In Germany and Sweden, the governments take decisions to support the populations. Electricity is historically expensive, and this spares no country. In Lithuania, the cost per kilowatt hour is increasing every day. So, faced with this surge in prices, some stores are … Read more

Abandoned by the two countries again, the CCP sanctioned Lithuanian officials visiting Taiwan to vent their anger | Beijing | 17+1 | Estonia

[The Epoch Times, August 13, 2022](Comprehensive report by The Epoch Times reporter Li Yun)LithuaniaAfter that, another two countries recently announced their withdrawal from theBeijingLeading “17+1” cooperation mechanism.China immediately announced sanctionsLithuaniavisiting officials. The analysis pointed out that the tragic change of “17+1” to “14+1” severely damaged the CCP’s diplomatic efforts in Europe, so Beijing took Lithuania … Read more