industry: Capex hikes may go in the slow lane to trim fiscal deficit

2023-11-08 00:57:04 The finance ministry has started discussions on reducing the pace of increase in capital spending in the interim budget for FY25 to align expenditure with the proposed fiscal consolidation glide path, said an official aware of the talks. The government has set a target of lowering the fiscal deficit over the next two … Read more

Helping Hands: Share and Save Food to Support the Homeless in Brussels

2023-10-31 16:29:31 In Brussels, the formula has already been successfully tested by associations which help the homeless. The principle is as simple as it is generous: if you have too much food – and this is particularly true during the holiday season – put it in the fridge placed by a non-profit organization so that … Read more

Breakthrough Drug Discovered: Reducing Metastasis and Chemo Resistance in Cancer Cells

2023-08-03 18:30:11 Researchers from the Free University of Brussels (ULB), in collaboration with the University of Lyon and the company Netris Pharma, have discovered a drug that reduces metastasis and resistance to chemotherapy in cancer cells. The researchers, whose results were published Wednesday in the scientific journal Nature, have developed a treatment that works against … Read more

Unusual and Controversial Personalized License Plates: Discover the Most Surprising Crossings on our Roads

2023-08-03 09:55:00 Personalized plate: “BAKAKI”, “JMENFOUS”… the most unusual crossings on our roads A few months ago, a license plate shocked a driver on the roads of Brussels. A Nazi reference that makes us wonder what the rules are for personalized plates. We know it, we come across many of them on our roads, sometimes … Read more

Ryanair Strikes: A Vacation Nightmare for Sofie Geerdens

2023-07-15 17:41:00 In June 2022, Sofie Geerdens was to fly to Malta with Ryanair. A beautiful trip with her boyfriend which however never took place since the departure fell in the middle of a strike by the Belgian staff of the airline. A hard blow for the Limburger who therefore could not go on vacation. … Read more